Outdoor Dining in Hospitality: Terrace Design Essentials

Every hotel wants to have that special and unique design that keeps the guests intrigued. This is much easier said than done! One way we suggest doing this is to make the outdoor dining experience extremely impressive. Not only does this keep current guests and customers involved, it can also invite outside business such as corporate meetings, weddings and other events. Below are a few essentials that we suggest incorporating into the hotel terrace design.


A View

Of course! Who would not want a view while they eat? Something as simple as a good view can improve the guest’s mood and make them feel even more relaxed than usual. Although there is nothing wrong with sitting inside, outdoor seating and lovely scenery can make a world of difference. We have all been in that situation where we have had to stare at a wall or an ugly building 20 feet away, which proves just how much guests and customers appreciate a well put together terrace that includes a beautiful or even an interesting view!



Comfort is key. Without this, a good view or a cool piece of furniture is worthless. There is nothing worse than sitting on an uncomfortable and maybe even a painful chair or bench. Being comfortable can make or break a guest experience. Make sure to include padding for the seat of the chair and if it is possible one for the seatback. Every person is different and has a different idea of comfortability, so take all of the precautions. Better to have too many cushions than not enough!



The only place that could potentially get away with uncovered terraces is Southern California. However, that sunshine can get a bit intense, so providing an awning or roof is the best way to prevent overheating and not to mention a bad sunburn! Hotels that do not have coverage for their outdoor seating areas take the risk of losing a lot of business. People want to be comfortable and if the terrace is too hot or if it is raining, those outdoor seats will absolutely be vacant. 



Heat Lamps

Whether it is cold, windy or there is too much shade, heat lamps are a great source of rescue. When trying to sell someone on sitting out on the patio space, make sure to have plenty of heaters around just in case. The day time could be warm enough, but night time is when the cold kicks in and these mechanisms will be the saving grace for that outdoor terrace seating.


As shown, there are many design essentials to implement when creating the perfect ambience and decor for a hotel outdoor dining terrace. Even if only a couple of these features are included, the hotel dining experience will improve. Now, if all of these are included, then the hotel will have people coming in to dine that are not even guests at the hotel. Getting business outside of current guests should be a goal for every hotel and these things will help improve that business for any hotel if done correctly.