Wallcovering Trends for Stylish Hotel Guestrooms

Creating a stylish guestroom is not as easy as it looks. It is tempting to get caught up in the detail and decor within the space, but before these things can be decided upon, the large surfaces and concept need to be established. To create an all-around trendy guestroom, one must have the perfect foundation, which includes wallcovering. Here are some trends that are taking the hotel industry by force!


Accent Walls

For this look, a very contrasting wall covering has to be present. By this, we mean one wall in the room needs to stand out in a big way. For example, having white walls and one wall, the wall behind the bed, is cerulean blue. Now that is going to capture the attention of the guests whether they want to admit it or not. The majority color walls do not always have to be white or cream, they can be a light grey or slate and the contrasting wall can be a warm color such as red or orange! Mix it up and impress the guests with something as simple as paint!



Another trend is wooden walls. This does not necessarily mean that a wall is made from wood, but simply that wooden pallets or veneers, or wood textures can be placed on a wall. We have all seen the stick-on faux wooden boards and honestly, they are genius! Having wood in a room creates a sense of comfort and helps improve the overall mood of the guest. Not only does it look incredible, it turns out to be therapeutic!



When we say wall coverings, that does not necessarily mean the entire wall has to be covered. Go out on a limb and take a chance with some abstract geometric paintings and/or accent pieces to place on the walls. There are however both subtle and bold graphic murals and wallcovering patterns that are perfect for luxe hospitality settings that want to make a statement in their guest rooms! The wall behind the bed or the television will be the easiest and most common wall that is noticed, so add a few patterns to those walls and make it unique to the hotel and its brand! 


It is a well known fact that properly adding mirrors to a room will create the illusion that the room and the space itself is big, when in actuality the room might be a bit small (in some cases). Mirrors are crucial when opening up a room and adding some to a wall or even having a mirror cover an entire wall would be more than impressive. Guests will have plenty of space to check themselves out, do their make-up, hair and get dressed with ease. This trend turns out to be extremely effective for visually widening a room AND is also useful for the guests!

There you have it. Four different wallcovering trends that are taking over 2018. Make sure to take note of these whenever you see them! Most hotels will stay complacent, but if they truly care about their image and brand awareness, they will be doing these things for guests not only to impress them, but to keep them coming back year after year.