Custom Casegoods: 5 Must Haves For A Well-Made Design

Many hotel desks now are moving in the direction of keeping it simple when it comes to design. That is great. However, the thing is that these simplistic desks run the risk of lacking in functionality other than resting a computer and other surface area items on top it. There is hardly storage, if any at all! We have something different in mind. Here are 5 must-haves for a well made casegood design and yes, if a desk has all 5 of these, it is ideal!


Cabinet Space

Yet another essential piece to the casegood puzzle. A great cabinet can house almost anything that a person might need. It is the perfect customization for organizing and storing notebooks, office supplies, etc. The best part about a cabinet is that there is a door. This leaves the piece of furniture seemingly cleaner and put together, regardless of how messy it is inside of the cabinet. Nevertheless, we suggest keeping it somewhat organized!



Above the flat desk area or inside of cabinet space, whether there is a door or not, shelf space is crucial when it comes to being organized. You can keep books, photos, plants, decorative accents, etc. on shelves. Without shelves, the desk would run out of space for all of these items and overflow causing the purchase of a separate piece of furniture for storage anyway! 


Hair pin legs have been a trend that many custom made casegoods are integrating into their design. They are not only attractive to look at, but they are also very sturdy. If you’re looking for another look, the classic thick metal or wooden legs will never go out of style. Stability is a huge part of a hotel casegood. We have all experienced that wobbly desk or table and it is the worst when there is work to be done and it moves every time you put any weight on it! Suffice to say, make it durable and sturdy and it will never let you down.

There you have it. Like we said, your custom made casegood should ideally have all of these essentials; however, as long as it is comfortable and functional for whatever needs are expressed, that is all we care about. We do suggest however that it is stable and at least has a drawer or a cabinet!