Trending Hotel Guestroom Headboards

When it comes to hotel guestrooms, above all else, the bed must be the one thing that guests love. Whether it is soft, firm, spacious or stylish enough, it is the focal point of the room. This is because, no matter what, the guests will always use the bed and it will leave an impression on them be it fantastic or not so fantastic. Guests may not always use the shower or the TV or the desk and closet, but they will always use the bed! It is not just about the mattress and pillows though. The headboard plays many roles as well with not only its functionality, but its appearance too! Here are a couple of features that hotels are prioritizing when it comes to the headboard in a guestroom.



We all know how difficult is it to find an outlet next to the bed in the hotel room. Sometimes it even calls for the night stand to be moved and the alarm clock to be unplugged in order to find something close enough to arms length from the bed. Fortunately, hotels are waking up and including extra outlets that are actually built into the headboard. What a brilliant idea! Not only does this outlet include a three pronged plug, but it also contains USB plugs for items that do not necessarily need a wall charger plug. Now that is keeping it trendy and useful.



Built-in lamps are all the rage now. It looks cleaner due to the fact that there are no cords lying around and it leaves plenty of counter space for the guest to place items on the night stand. Without a portable lamp on the night stand, the freedom to place a book, laptop, phone and whatever else is endless. Let us not forget that it is impossible to knock the lamp over once it is built into the headboard, unlike the portable lamps we all know of today. It makes going to sleep or reading a book that much easier and honestly, people pay for convenience!



Another incredible trend is built in nightstands. This is just plain smart. It is one less piece of furniture to have to tend to, it is completely out of the way for the guest and it looks pretty stylish, modern and trendy! A win-win if you ask us. Customizing something as simple as a nightstand will not go unnoticed and most of the time guests will inquire about the piece of furniture. Make sure to match the night stand to the material that the bed frame and/or headboard is made from, otherwise it could start to look over crowded with different types of materials used!



It is obvious that trends and styles are always changing, but built-in features give the space a more customized look and makes the guest feel as if he/she is appreciated! Once guests begin asking about where the furniture was made or who thought of the idea to build in a nightstand, you know you have made it!