Hotel Design 101

From start to finish, hotel design is a large task to say the least. The many realms that design has to cover throughout an entire hotel is quite taxing. We have a few categories that might be beneficial to start the process. Most of the design tasks can be placed underneath these four categories, so buckle your we go.



This could be the most important thing when considering hotel design. Does the hotel space, atmosphere, furniture, etc. provide a comfortable environment for guests? One of the biggest aspects of this area is determined, by guests, by how enjoyable the bed and seating options are. Of course every person is different, so this can be a difficult challenge. The bed is not just the mattress; it is the sheets, pillows, and blankets as well. When it comes to a comfortable atmosphere, this really entails the customer service. Creating an environment where guests feel “okay” with calling down to ask about more towels, blankets, room service, or other questions is imperative.




Parking options, room transportation (elevator? stairs?), etc.

Convenience is another part of hotel design that can bring in or lose customers faster than anything. In regards to parking, the world we live in today, most notably in more urban areas of the world, traffic is obscene because of the amount of cars on the road. If the hotel does not have a convenient parking lot, deck, or garage, guests will not be happy. That is not the way people want to start off a trip. Make sure to plan out an option for guests coming in with vehicles, and don’t get too pricey! Once inside the hotel, convenience comes out in transportation the the room and room service. Location of the elevators has to be close enough to the check in desk so as to prevent guests from wandering around wildly looking for a way to get to their room.



When it comes to decor and style, branding is kind of a big deal. Make sure to get everything in order when it comes to colors, styles, themes, etc. when choosing decor and furniture. Not everything has to be certain colors, but if the theme is nautical, having cowboy themed items around the hotel will clash with the brand and have guests a bit confused on what you’re trying to accomplish with your decor. Same with styles! If your hotel is generically modern, try to vere aware from choosing pieces that are more victorian or rustic.




How economically friendly is your hotel? Are you “going green” as much as possible? Using recycled wood? Have vegan options for guests? What about solar power? These are all questions that only touch the surface of making a hotel economical. As new generations come of age to rent hotel rooms, these issues will have to be addressed. Although it might not seem to be a big deal now, these options will eventually bring or deter potential guests. After all, gluten-free was not a thing until about 10 years ago and now look, every restaurant has gluten-free options! Why not considering these topics in your hotel design now?