Hospitality Design Trends

With all of the different and changing hospitality design trends, staying up to date is a constant struggle. The dictionary defines the word hospitable as receiving or treating guests or strangers warmly and generously. Combining hospitality with design gets a bit more into making sure that the space and its contents are welcoming and comforting as well. We have a few trends in mind that seem to be breaking through and will definitely be sticking around for a few years.


Soho house, Berlin  | Photo by: Soho House Berlin

Soho house, Berlin | Photo by: Soho House Berlin

Boutique = Unique

Boutique hotels are on the grow to say the least. When we think about why this is, it comes down to the recent wave of “supporting local businesses” that is taking over the U.S. You can see this with not only boutique hotels, but other things like shopping from local mom and pop businesses, going to farmer’s markets, and supporting local artists. Every area of the country and the world has its own story to tell, so incorporating that uniqueness into a hotel space simply makes sense. Keep in mind, some things are going to have to give when it comes to furniture and ordering supplies for the hotel, so getting stuck on only ordering from local places can get a little pricey.

The Urban Cowboy, Nashville  | Photo by: The Urban Cowboy

The Urban Cowboy, Nashville | Photo by: The Urban Cowboy


This aspect of hospitality design helps people feel like they are welcomed in the best place possible. Many corporate hotels have a tendency of being generic throughout all locations when it comes to design. On the other hand, customizing visual aspects of the hotel with cultural and historical based items based location is crucial. When use the word authenticity, what we mean is incorporating and styling the space by using local artists, cultural design, or pieces based on the part of the country the hotel is in. For example, Nashville, TN or Dallas, TX. The decor should entail southern comfort and trendy cowboy fashion.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin  | Photo by: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin | Photo by: 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Greenery in Design

We’re not talking about using the color green here, but actually using greenery all around the hotel. This trend is exploding right now. The inclusion of plants and biophilic design allows guests to feel more “at home” by providing a sense of comfort, relaxation, and calm. It doesn’t just have to be in the dining room or lobby, this design can take place in the guest rooms, hotel bar, and especially the outdoor areas. Plants are a natural stress reliever, so put at many as you want around the hotel, without getting out of hand!

Mirror Cube Room at  Treehotel , Sweden | Photo by: Treehotel

Mirror Cube Room at Treehotel, Sweden | Photo by: Treehotel

Social Media Spaces

Social media alone can ruin a hotel’s reputation or help it! One thing that many hotels are starting to do is think outside the box when it comes to photos. What can we do to entice guests to take photos? Coffee shops, clothing stores, even graffiti around some cities are doing this as well. It could be a cool mural on the outside of the hotel, a neon sign inside the hotel bar, or even a well placed flower wall to get the guests fighting over a photo opportunity. This will get you free publicity as well as bring in people from all over to stay in the hotel solely to take the photo!