Hotel Lobbies

Hotel lobbies are the first thing that we see when we enter into a hotel. Over time, lobbies have become a place to gather, mingle, work, and more. Surpassing the typical front desk and entry way, we are now in the era where getting together and hanging out in a public area of the hotel is desired. Also, the more remote jobs there are, the more people want to work from pubic areas because they need a more social atmosphere. Here are a few trends that hotel lobbies are incorporating to impress their guests.

Foliage Inspo

Hotel lobbies are now incomplete without plants, foliage, greenery, etc. Hospitality has always tried to keep the guests comfortable by providing a stress-free environment. Biophilic spaces throughout the hotel is becoming a crucial part of hotel design, especially when it comes to the very first impression of the hotel. If you want guests in a happy and good mood, consider using this trend. You never know, it might just give your guests the urge to refer you!


Gather in Comfort

Since the lobby is now a place where groups go for business meetings or just family meetings, why not make it as comfortable as possible. Of course, you don’t want people to take naps on the furniture, but it wouldn’t hurt if they cozied up! At the same time, it is even better if the furniture is trendy in design as well. Branch out and get a comfy, cozy leather chair set or two and see how long it takes until someone comes along and takes a photo in it. The look alone will attract people to the lobby.


Cozy Up

Every year this happens, the seasons change! Having an awesome fireplace in the lobby can be awe inspiring and will have guests fighting over a spot next it. Well, not literally fighting, but it will definitely be the first place new guests will go while waiting to check in to their rooms. The hotels in colder places of the world already have fireplaces and sometimes they are in the guest rooms as well. There’s nothing like a nice fireplace to sit next to when you come in from snowy weather or even just a cool 50ºF. Oh, not to mention this is another place for the perfect winter photo.




Lighting is everything when it comes to lobbies. It’s imperative that there is plenty, but not too much. It needs to be bright, but not blinding. Sometimes this is hard to tackle, but most of the time if you put in the right type of bulb and fixtures, it takes care of itself. There’s nothing worse than walking into a hotel late at night and feeling like you need to be wearing sunglasses! Lights that are too bright or too dim can create a sense of uncomfortability and guests do not like that feeling. No one does. Massive chandeliers or unique sconces are perfect for brightening up the place, not to mention classing up the place as well!