Design Trends We Love for Travel

When travel is involved, hotels are usually at the top of their game. That is why they were created in the first place, so keeping up with the newest and latest design trends is a priority.



With more people wanting travel, the hotel room is not a major priority for guests. As long as the bed in comfortable and they feel safe, many travelers are okay with a small, minimal bedroom. For this reason, the number of travelers using AirBnB is skyrocketing because it is more affordable. Hotels in travel destinations are realizing that their potential business is going somewhere else, so they have started taking measures to get more guests into the hotel. Making the rooms smaller and providing only essentials not only creates more space to add in more rooms, but also allows the price of the room to decrease in turn attain more guests!


Local Vibes

When traveling and stay, hotel are designing their guest experiences to reflect the local culture. With more options of tours and insight on “where the locals go”, guests can get a good idea of what areas to go to and what sights to see. Travelers are not usually interested in going to overcrowded places just to get a terrible view of a monument. Hotels have started giving clues and hints as to what time of day is best to go to which attractions as well as local hot spots to check out. Everyone wants to feel like they are getting the best experience, not just the “tourist-y” one!



Mandatory Tech

With the amount of people traveling and the rate that technology is improving and changing, hotels have to have a bit more than just WiFi. We all remember a time when finding an outlet in the room to charge anything was rare. Well now there are chargers on the lamps, bed frames, walls, bathrooms, hallways, beneath the bar, etc. You won’t be able to find an area in a luxury hotel that is not designed to have multiple outlets. Everything is technological these days, so convenience is incredibly important. Not to mention these outlets include USB ports as well, you know...just in case.




Many travelers, when journeying to another location or country want to have the experience of the culture they immerse themselves in. Luckily, hotels have begun to realize that having local cuisine is a huge part of a luxury design experience for all of the guests. Travelers want to understand the taste and the reason why each region they visit utilizes certain types of food. It’s not just about eating what the locals are eating, it’s about learning the history and culture around where the traditions come from and why the style of food is important to their experience. Many hotels are incorporating chefs and shaping restaurants in their locations so guests can stay in and get that luxe experience while inside the hotel!