How Hotel Design is Emerging and Changing

 Hotel design is constantly emerging and changing. This is a nonstop process that has been taking place ever since the first hotels popped up on the market. Travelers are constantly expecting the newest things and will not put up with anything less. Fortunately, hotels have always understood this because you know what they say, “The customer is always right.” From function to design features, hotels have been stepping up their games year after year to meet expectations.


More Functional

Functionality consists of many different things, as you can check out in our other blog here {link}, but we’ll try to make it short. Flow: Hotels have starting taking into consideration how one room leads into the next and the feel along the way. No more empty feeling spaces or overcrowded spaces. The time for randomness is out and the time for thoughtfulness design is in. Balance: The rooms will provide a sense of visual balance to ensure that guests are comfortable, welcome, and at ease. Decor: Art, sculptures, etc. are now going along with branding and style of each hotel.


Outdoor Lounging

Outdoor pools have always been a thing, but now comfort is more important than ever. Hotels are urging people to stay there and relax all day opposed to just for a few hours. Not only are they adding in extremely comfortable seating options, hotel are putting in bar areas as well as a server to provide “poolside service” at all hours of the day. Some hotels are even adding in the option to turn the area into a night time bar and lounge area for adults after hours. Of course, no swimming at night, but cocktails are encouraged.


More Foliage

There was a time when indoor plants were not so popularly used in hotels, especially in the guest rooms. One reason is that they get to be high maintenance if they’re in every room. Now, hotels are willing to take that extra step to make sure that guests are enjoying all of the rooms they enter. Plants and foliage is known to give a person all of the feels in regards to relaxation, home-y vibes. The nature feel that plants give when they are indoors helps bring a room together, while giving a sense of outdoor and “one with nature”.


More Comfort + Luxury

Worried more about style than comfort, some hotels have started to slack on what’s most important. While looking great is absolutely a priority, if a guest cannot sit in a chair or lay in bed without fidgeting, the purpose is obsolete. Yes, style should be considered, but more design companies are taking into consideration comfort more and more. Guests want to be able to be pleasantly surprised when taking a seat in an amazingly trendy chair and feel relaxed! Luxury, high-end hotels sometimes get caught up worried more about style, but the newer boutique hotels are placing comfort just as high on the priority list.