Inspirations + Ideas

Over the past 20 years, hotels have been branching out to continue to up their game. The trend has gone from being uniform and consistent in style, to unique and different for each location. Many upscale and luxury hotels are able to do this and charge a pretty penny to help bring guests the best and most special experience possible.  There are many different trends happening at the moment and here are a few of our favorites.


Above and Beyond

Who doesn’t want that rooftop view? Most guests and even guests that aren’t staying the hotel will come to the rooftop lounge area just for the experience. Adding in a bar is going to help with business as well as small eats. When it comes to furniture, make sure it is comfortable. This means couches and small tables to keep drinks and plates on. No one wants to be on top of a building sitting on an uncomfortable seat. Also, build the walls high and make them glass! This provides a sense of safety as well as adventure. Guests will love the fact that they can still sit and see a sunset or the view of a urban city.


Dark and Cool

Yes, we all know about the light and dreamy spaces, but there is another way! To create a space that seems mysterious, yet soothing, paint the walls a dark color like charcoal and contrast the walls with white furniture. Although you want to make the room seem cool, this does not mean you should not have plenty of light. Get creative to create the necessary lighting because no one likes doing their hair or putting on makeup in the dark. That usually doesn’t turn out well. This theme works best in the bathroom because of the calming and safe vibe it gives guests.


Modern and Classy Spa

Spas are a whole other story. There are many ways to create a welcoming and soothing spa environment. Although an outdoor spa is beautiful, weather is something you absolutely cannot control, so try to keep everything indoor. In addition, go ahead and put a relaxing salt pool in the middle of it. It will bring a sense of community, yet give guests the option of having a solo experience if they wish. Add in plenty of widows so that nature can make an appearance and provide that serene and relaxed space that spa goers crave. Wood and greenery are always great ways to create this environment, so get creative and maybe layer the ceiling with wooden panels!


Seating with a View

Rooftops are not the only places that have a view. If the hotel is near the water, play to your advantage. Again, use those glass walls so guests get the most out of their seats. Place plenty of dining tables and chairs in a designated outdoor area. This will attract guests that are staying at the hotel and ones that are from around the community. The more the merrier, right?