Architecture + Hotel Design Trends

Architecture and Hotel interior design trends seems to walk right alongside each other. When a hotel is built, there is always an outlook to make sure that the vibe, theme, and overall look needs to be exactly right for what the hotel wants the guest to feel when arriving. From the front door to the pool, architects are there to make sure everything is built and runs smoothly. Once that’s taken care of, the next step is developing the interior design. Good thing they play well off of one another.


Sleek, Round and Modern

When there is a special theme or look for the hotel, it is much easier to figure out the interior. Let’s say that the outside of the hotel and many parts of the interior architecture is a rounded edge. That would make it extremely easy to decorate and decide what the furniture items should look like. Once the hotel brand comes into play, you can apply that information to help with the colors as well! If you notice in the above photo, clearly there is a modern, rounded architecture layout that is taking place. Through in a bit of square furniture in there to balance it out and the look is already less overwhelming.


Au Natural

This organic, wooden influence is becoming more popular. Not only is is easier and more efficient, it saves time and money as well. If a hotel is truly interested in creating an upcycled, natural vibe, use recycled wood from old houses or buildings. Incorporate wood and foliage throughout the hotel to make sure the vibe is calm and serene. Panelling the walls with wooden palettes seems to be a trendy move and also makes the space feel even more natural and organic. Oh, and of course you have to have wooden floors!


Brick by Brick

This architecture influence can be absolutely stunning. There is so much potential when it comes to using brick. The wall behind the bed can be made out of brick, you can use faux bring wall coverings, or use real stones and brick to create an underground feel. Some bars are using stone and brick on walls, building only half way up and finishing out the rest with drywall. It gives the space an old-timey vibe while creating an almost “speakeasy” atmosphere. Although stone is used to bring age upon a space, it can also bring a sense of longing and adventure to guests.


Wicker and Wood

Now this combo is perfect for hotels that have many outdoor areas. Outdoor architecture is important, especially if there is water close by. Build a large patio area for guests to lounge around and enjoy the ocean breeze. Cabanas should be built as well if sunshine gets a bit intense, this will allow more freedom for guest to lounge and enjoy the sun without the overheating or sunburn. Wicker is a perfect material for outdoors because it lasts a while and the color doesn’t fade! Keep some of the seating cushioned, but be sure to mix it up.