Luxury Lifestyle

So many different things in the fashion and lifestyle industries tend to help drive certain trends in the design industry. It has always been this way and will continue to do so. When industries begin to influence each other, the world starts working better together. Let’s see what recent influences are driving hotel interior design ideas.



Art can make or break any room or space. Many luxury hotels pride themselves on buying and acquiring all types of expensive pieces and displaying them throughout the hotel. Art is a great way to express a brand and will effectively give a hotel a reputation at the least. Making sure that the art is genuine and worthwhile is crucial is creating a luxury brand reputation. Obviously if you want to just fill some space, it is not suggested to start buying random expensive pieces of art. Keeping to a theme will help develop the brand more efficiently.



Fashion has been an influence on luxury lifestyle and design since, well forever! From mix matched patterns, to solid color themes, to retro mad men 60’s styles, the fashion world and the interior design world have been best friends. Whether it was the fashion industry that sparked an idea in the interior design world or vice versa, they play well together and always have. For example, a zebra print rug in a hotel suite. Now, are we completely sure which industry struck gold with this idea first? No. However, it’s not a big deal to find out who had the idea first, all we need to know is that it works and it will be used forever in both industries.



Season will always and forever effect how luxury hotels are created. Hotels that are built in tropical regions such as Turks and Caicos will undoubtedly have an outdoor pool, lounge areas outside and possibly an outdoor shower if your villa is secluded enough! There would be no need for design features such as a fireplace or animal fur throw for the cold weather. If a place in this region did not have the outdoor amenities, it would most likely fall through and be out of business. People travel to areas of the world at specific times of the year to experience certain aspects of the season, hence the word vacation!


Unique Experience

With many more hotels turning their focus to quality experiences, quirky design and local cultural touches, a guest’s experience has become almost impossible to turn out average. Some are calling this focus on the unique experience, “Accessible Luxury”. The casualization of the luxury sector and the growth in market demand from an experience-hungry and aspirational has begun to help turn the tide in regards to typical brand standards. The culture around hotels is beginning to turn away from standardized looks and boring uniforms. People want to see a similar theme throughout hotels, yet get a unique experience whenever they stay in different locations of the same hotel branch. It’s a little harder to please this type of guest, but it is also so much fun to fit into that niche market!