First impressions are everything. When I meet a person for the first time, the first thing I notice is their smile and character. When I enter a hotel for the first time, the lobby should leave the same lasting first impression.

A hotel lobby should embody personality. Hoteliers must select a particular lobby theme and design style consistent with the rest of the hotel. The guest experience begins the minute they walk in the door. You want them getting the right vibes from your chosen design scheme. It should complement staff tone and uniforms, the menu, etc.

While designing a lobby, consider the local area surrounding the hotel. Simple hints of locality can make all the difference. If your hotel is in a coastal city, a lobby with panoramic windows providing a breath-taking ocean view should be appropriate. On the other hand, a hotel situated in a sprawling city center might have an indoor lobby garden that gives off a bit of nature scenery which provides escape from bustling city life.

There is a lot to take into consideration when designing a modern hotel lobby. Today, I want to focus on the accommodations which can make your hotel lobby the most functional.


A hotel should aim to bring something to the table for every type of guest. Lobbies are generally quite spacious, often made up of several smaller areas within one larger room. Hotels can take advantage of lobby square footage, providing a comfortable common area to all guests. Many younger travelers are spending more time in hotel lobbies than ever, essentially using them as a living room space during their stay. This provides more opportunity for social interaction and allows the guests a relaxed escape from their room.

Coffee and other beverages should be available in the lobby. Whether this means your lobby includes a full-service cafe or simply a Keurig, coffee is a must. Guests will appreciate the close proximity of a quick snack and a caffeinated beverage.

Wi-Fi availability is also a must. Living in Texas, those traveling for work depend on a good internet connection. Besides that, everyone wants to at least have the option to stay connected during a vacation.  A good hotel lobby will include high quality Wi-Fi, as well as plenty of electrical outlets and USB ports.

Guests need to be connected to their daily life. The hotel lobby is a comfortable place to check up on your email accounts after a busy day. A small business lounge with a printer can be included in the hotel lobby rather than in a separate business center.

Information about activities and interesting things to see in the area should be on display in the lobby. If the hotel provides transportation to and from these locations, guests will be even more content. Provide a list of your own lesser-known local recommendations. This will give the hotel a unique and localized feel.

Comfort and Relaxation

Do everything you can to make your guests feel comfortable. After a busy day, all we really want is to return to the hotel and relax as if we were at home. This starts with comfortable and attractive furniture. While you definitely want your furniture to appear modern and stylish, comfort should be just important. A guest who is made to feel comfortable at every point during their stay will return time and time again.

Make your guests feel as relaxed as possible. Match the decor with the mood desired for your particular clientele. Create romance with water lilies, roses, and mood lighting. Setting up a spa zone tucked away in a corner of the lobby would serve couples, families, and stressed business people alike. 

Beyond cafes and spas, hoteliers can consider setting up various retail shops to sell locally made products and souvenirs. These accommodations provide guests comfort of mind knowing most of their immediate needs can be found within the hotel.