In the last week or so, I have been thinking about the little details that make a hotel stand out. Beyond the obvious accommodation of the guest, hospitality in hotels is determined base on the services provided such as spas, room services, and restaurants/bars. Most hotels even offer a coffee bar...so why not a juice bar? So, here are six reasons why you should consider opening a juice bar in your hotel. 

1.     Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are now a trend. This decade has been marked by personal training, low-calorie drinks, exercise routines and a healthier lifestyle in general. When it comes down to the reception of a hotel, why not be able to provide both a smoothie/juice in the morning as well as cocktail at night?

2.     Having a juice bar sends a message about your hotel. For me, this is the more striking and important reason. Let everyone know you care about the health of your guests and want to support them. You can even orient the environment of the hotel with the health theme, for example, how about putting the juice bar near the gym? All those who are choosing to exercise while on vacation will typically choose the healthiest breakfast/lunch option as well.

3.     You can offer a differentiated service. The bar and the restaurant usually represent the social heart of hotels. But with this service, the juice bar can be your wellness center of the hotel; it could also have detox smoothie programs. Offer more "fun" options for those who care more about flavor than nutrition. What child could resist a smoothie of strawberries with Nutella, or a peach meringue?

4.     Commercial benefits of aiding local business. A juice bar is an opportunity to buy local fruits and veggies to support your regional farmers. However, you can sell a lot more than juices. They sell a message. As a symbol, juices also represent a green initiative. Announce your eco-friendly agenda by only purchasing locally sourced, environmentally friendly glasses, ecological bags, and other merchandise.

5.     Increase external customers. Since juice bars are a bit of a specialty show, they tend to attract more than just travelers. This is one way to diversify your audience to include locals. With fresh fruits and vegetables and competitive prices, your juice bar will attract more and more customers. What better way to increase business than locals who rave about your juice?

6.     Expand your hotel services. Now your hotel can offer whole "Detox" experiences, selling packages of a weekend of total relaxation, including healthy drinks, spa services, massages, hot tubs and steam showers. Some hotels like the Rosapetra Spa Resort have opened their "Detox weekend" experience with incredible results.

So, why should your hotel consider opening a juice bar? A unique selling point, an easily accessible market, a real contribution to the health of your clients, and the possibility of expanding your business. As Joe Pawlak, an expert in the foodservice industry says, "If you look at hotels overall, they are starting to be a lot more lifestyle locations."