Our home bathroom rituals are different than in hotels. At home, we are content with a shower, toilet, and small sink. While it might be nice to have lovely decorations, home bathrooms are relatively plain. Then why is it we expect hotel bathrooms to be elegant and elaborate? It is because they have a different function. At home, the bathroom is a necessary station through the path of everyday life. When traveling, we are not on that daily routine, and we seek comfort, pampering, and excitement. The hotel bathroom is in many ways a place of entertainment which alters and enlarges its function.

This week, I want to take a look at some of the means to exaggerate the luxury of a hotel bathroom and create an escape for our guests. 



When I mention technology, I do not mean a TV mounted to the ceiling above the tub. Although that is a very good idea, I am actually referring to the technology that most guests do not have available in their homes. For example, many of the top hotels are including custom lighting options for their guests allowing them to use a remote or an app on their phone to dim the light in the room and open or close the blinds. A system like Phillips Hues would allow guests to experiment with the color of their lighting to adjust the ambiance. You may also think about allowing guests to control floor heating or turn on the anti-fogging mirrors.

The key to the technology is that it allows your guest to customize his or her bathroom experience.


Walk-in Shower:


This may seem obvious, but no one like a clingy plastic shower curtain sticking to their naked body. In fact, it is the opposite an escape. The more luxurious and spacious you can make the shower, the better. Multiple shower heads and a bench create an atmosphere of romance and possibility to share the experience with someone else. Use Italian glass tiles in the shower to upgrade the experience.

Space permitting, you might also try having a deep bath tub to give guests the option to soak or shower.




Not every hotel has this option, but it is certainly a distinguishing factor. For hotels with a view, install a window. Whether it is a cityscape or a mountain scene, there is nothing like bathing with an incredible sight.

A window also serves to bring in natural light to make the bathroom feel more like a spa. Of course, some guest will choose to close the curtains while they bathe, but every guest will appreciate the opportunity for a new and romantic experience.



I am not talking about the note that says “save your towel.” What can you do to make your bathroom truly eco-friendly? My first suggestion is to set up a system that collects and recycles the water. Guests will love reading about how their decision to stay with you means investing in the environment. However, they will also feel less guilty to indulge in long showers if they know the water will be put to good use later.

You may also try using reclaimed materials in the construction of your bathroom. Use tiles made from recycled bottles and reclaimed wood of your cabinets. Using unique materials adds color, texture, and a history to the bathroom.

Whatever you do to renovate your bathroom, remember that it is not about creating a place to bathe and groom in the mornings. A hotel bathroom is a unique get-away.