It is official. Summer is here. With the sunny weather comes tan skin, and breezy, warm days. With 4th of July approaching, everyone is thinking about sipping a cool drink in the sunset or enjoying a fruit salad outside for an afternoon snack. During the winter, going outside is the last thing out our minds. Now, we just cannot get enough.

Today, I found myself at my favorite local diner, and I wished I had to option to spend my lunch outside. That experience inspired today’s post. I want to look at some ways that summer inspires outdoor dining possibilities. If you do not already offer these options for your guests, be sure to start thinking about how you can help your guests enjoy the best of summer before it is gone.

Sidewalk Café


While we cannot bring Paris’ sidewalk cafe to us, we can bring Parisian outdoor tables to our guests. Known for their small size, these tables will fit on the sidewalk right outside your doors without any additional maintenance. Their lightweight frame makes them easy to move. Just bring them in at night for safe keeping, and set it out in the mornings for guests to enjoy during the day. They are best placed in the full or partial shade. For an extra festive look, decorate the chairs with cushions complimentary to your facade.

Offer fresh watermelon or pineapple with yogurt in the lobby to add extra incentive to eat outside. You will be surprised how many of your customers decide to take their coffee or light lunch outside.

Poolside Dining


So, your pool is open, and guests are enjoying soaking up the sun and fun. If you do not already have some poolside table and chairs, offer them in a variety of fun color of mix and match with contrasting, water-resistant cushions. We find a sturdy plastic is both modern and resistant the to wear of the summer sun and chlorine.

Add to the fun by setting up food cart to vend popsicles or a barbecue grill for a happy hour with poolside kabobs. If you have the space, you might even contract a food truck to bring your guests a variety of snacks each day.

Romantic Balcony Dinner


Spice up romance with room service delivered to a luxurious on-suite terrace. Guests love enjoying summer evenings on the balcony. While we usually have minimal outdoor seating on the balconies, rarely do we create the infrastructure for a romantic meal. Add sturdy tables to the larger balconies or terraces. Keep in mind that the tabletop should be sufficient to support at least two plates, two glasses of wine, and an appetizer. The table should be a texture adequate that wine glasses will not easily tip.

It is human nature to migrate our daily activities outside when the weather starts to get warm. It is also important to spend summers soaking up vitamin D. We pass our winters locked away, and during this time of year, guests are looking for excuses to get outside. Why not create opportunities for guest to take their snack and meals outside to enjoy Mother Earth.