When it comes to selecting a hotel, guests are not only looking for comfort, they are looking for a one of a kind experience. As designers and hotel owners, what can we do to make our hotel stand out from the rest. With the rise of millennials and their needs, I truly believe we will also see a rise in locally sourced goods. Part of the experience your guests are looking for is to feel the energy of the city they are visiting. What better way to show them around than with decor from your local artists, or having your own garden for guests to interact and help care for the food they will be eating. There are many benefits of locally sourced goods, and here are a few we find to be most important. 

Grow Your Own Food

We watch as more and more people are becoming extremely health-conscious. You have your guests who live by a vegan diet, there are some who will only eat organic, and there are few who don't live by many limitations. Part of your hotel's job is to be able to accommodate each type of guest you may encounter. Having your own garden will be highly beneficial for two reasons. First, your guests are able to see where their food is coming from. Secondly, it's a great way to get your guests involved in the process and interact with others staying at your hotel. By having your own garden or even farm near your establishment, you really broaden the experience of your hotel. Not to mention, this is an excellent way to attract more guests through social media as you'll notice having your own garden will become somewhat of a social spot that inspires many to share on their social media and tag your hotel. This helps to create more awareness and drive more customers to your hotel. 

Bring The City Inside

When a guest comes to visit a new city, they want to feel the city's energy and get an understanding of its culture. There's no better way to bring the outdoors inside than with local artists and designers. Challenge yourself as a hospitality designer to explore the city on your own and find the hungry artists that you could buy artwork from, or search around for a local craftsman who can put together custom pieces for your project. This will not only be exciting for your guests, but it will also help to make your hotel a go-to spot for locals. 


There's nothing worse than waiting on a shipment to arrive. With locally sourced goods, you never have to worry about something not arriving on time. Your kitchen will always be fully stocked and your chef will have direct communication with the source. 

Hospitality's foundation is serving others a memorable experience, so it's very important to think of your customer's needs. From sharing the best of the city through your design to having a garden to grow your own fruits and vegetables, this is something that won't be forgotten and will keep your guests returning.