Your hotel guests usually select their hotel by checking pictures of both the room itself and the bathroom. Though they are looking for a comfortable bed to sleep in, the second most important factor to help make their selection is the look and functionality of the bathroom. Is there good lighting so they can see at night? Is there enough counter space for all their belongings? These are vital things to keep in mind when starting your next hotel bathroom renovation. Bathrooms that shine create the right impressions, and here are a few tips help you achieve that one of a kind bathroom shine. 

Improve Lighting

When working with hospitality, it's very rare that you find yourself designing a restroom with a window and natural light coming through. This makes your lighting selection key to putting together a stunning washroom remodel. You want to make sure the lights are highlighting the right accents of the room. And you also want to make sure that the lighting selection is attractive and not too fluorescent. Adding lighting can improve the functionality of your space and can also create a new mood. 

Textured Tiles in The Shower

There are always ways to take your designs to a new level. I've recently become a huge fan of small, textured tiles in the shower. Not only do you get a light foot massage while showering, but the texture and grouting will also keep your guests from slipping in the shower. 

Avoid Dark Colors

A bathroom should always feel spacious and breathable. Your wall color selection will help keep the space open and refreshed. When considering small spaces, neutral and light colored palettes are usually my go to, especially in the bathroom. 

Stone Countertops

Thankfully bathroom countertops don't take the same beating as kitchen countertops do so you have a little more freedom when making your stone selection. This means you can think more about appearance than functionality. Granite is always a great choice as its long lasting, stain resistant and beautiful. It provides an elegant look that is completely incomparable. 

Sufficient Counter Space

Keep in mind your guests and the many toiletries they may bring along with them on their trip. Having a sufficient amount of counter space for all their travel essentials is extremely important. You don't want to inconvenience your guests by not providing them the space they need to get ready every day.