There is nothing more bittersweet than saying goodbye to the cold winter days and welcoming the sweet spring bliss. Some have a summer closet to unpack and some are redecorating to bring out the vivid colors of summer lust. Out with the winter blues and in with the spring hues. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite trends for spring that are great to keep in mind when doing a Spring or Summer renovation.  

Untreated Walls

More than a product, this is a look. All it takes is some investment and time. Rustic is making a comeback and untreated walls are a great idea if you’re working with a modern setting. The natural elements scream spring and the outdoors.

Tetra Shelves

These shelves project geometric excellence and elegance. An interesting idea for a communal area of a boutique hotel where you can store just about any unusual. They are simple in shape, yet complex enough to add interest. They make everything eclectic come together nicely, from a small bronze statue to a collection of books.

Dornbracht Fixtures

What elegance! Dornbracht makes some gorgeous fixtures that are easy to install for any hotel’s design. These fixtures, with their contoured and smoothness, go great with a modern bathroom design. Don’t forget that your guests, after the lobby and the room, always look for polished details in the bathroom. Take care of this intimate experience with these fixtures, and you won’t regret it.

Terracotta Tiles

That smooth sandstorm color combined with some greenery could give your hotel the spruce it needs. Remember that floors create interesting contrasts with the rest of your design, and these terracotta tiles are definitely no different. Their complex palette will be divine in your spring decor!

Mandala Rugs

Mandalas were a hit last year, and their presence remains strong. It gives a relaxed vibe perfect for a boutique hotel’s lounde are. Try to find a unique rug that is perfect for your hotel. It’s certainly an eye-catcher that will leave all your guests with a great impression.


As spring rolls in and you find yourself shedding your winter styles, these trends are sure to arise. With a variety of tones and flexible textures and shapes, each of these is easy to incorporate into nearly any room.