What if your bar extended beyond the normal convenient beer in the lobby hangout? Drawing crowds of socialites, industry professionals, and anyone looking for a good time. Hotel Bars have become the new millennial social go to for a night on the town, a good drink, and good conversation. The design of your bar can only enhance the hotel’s aesthetic. The key to designing a perfect hotel bar is focusing on the energy it creates within its space, through service, functionality, and brand originality. The ambience of hotel decor with luxury seating has taking the social gathering to new heights. Hotel bars have the potential to create new a clientele independent from the hotel itself. Clients and guest enjoy the conveniency of bars for many reasons. Hotel hospitality should be able to cover every single one of them. The growing trend of savory finger food and great drinks has turned bars into a one stop shop for guest and socialites.

A few things to consider:

Service and Functionality

It’s important to have a functional amount of space for bartenders to serve drinks with low and high capacity customer traffic. Food servers, need ample space to move frequent between customers and set decor fixtures seamlessly. Your bars serving stations should be able to accommodate both the server and customer. For instance, having ample space between customer seating, elbow room at the bar table, and a space that is openly social. The purpose of great service and functionality is allowing your guests to feel apart of the lifestyle experience your hotel brings.

Set the Mood

The atmosphere is crucial for your hotel bar design. Think about your hotel clientele, and consider the new comers at all times. A designer should focus on lower temperature room lighting, eye warming color tones, and comfortable seating. Creating a very relaxed environment where people can lose track of time and never want to leave is key. It’s also very imperative, to have a great music playlist playing beneath the conversation of your guest and local guests because it compliments the mood of the room adding to the experience of what its like to hang out at your hotel. 

Be Unique

Be unique, and original. Do your research on your local demographic and learn more about what drives the hospitality industry and where your hotel stands within its ranks. Your hotel is a landmark and representation of the city it lives in. Bringing the city’s energy into your hotel will reflect on the city itself, encouraging more travelers to visit for the experience. Its time to expand the hospitality experience your hotel brings with creating a lifestyle bar. Allow your bar to turn customers into guests, writing a new chapter in Hotel Hospitality.