Many ask if residential trends ever work their way into hospitality. The answer is, yes. All design stems from the same set of trends and inspiration. The main difference between residential design and commercial is the amount of space you’re working with. I often find myself incorporating a mixture of residential trends with large scale hospitality trends, which helps create the sense of home when you walk into one of our hotels we’ve designed. Today I’ve put together some of my favorite home decor trends that are always a good idea to incorporate in your hotel design.


We are seeing more and more products that infuse design with mother nature. From natural colors to natural wood, bringing the outdoors in is always a good idea. Nature is one of the most relaxing spaces for someone to be in, so why not surround yourself with natural elements. A hotel made of earthy tones and smells of fresh redwood will only help your guests to feel more relaxed.


One of my favorite things right now are daybeds. We’re often inclined to jump into bed after a long day of work, but having the option of reading a nice book or magazine on a daybed is amazing. If your hotel has an incredible view, put a daybed right next to the window so your guests can enjoy the city from the comfort of their hotel room.  

Bold Colors

You never want to overwhelm your guests with your paint selection, but you also want to introduce them to a new energy. Bold colors often give off a very rejuvenated feeling which might inspire your guests to get up and explore the city. When a hotel room is filled with calming tones, guests might feel more inclined to stay indoors. Don’t be afraid to throw a pop of color into your hospitality design like a bold red or yellow. 

Again, the goal of hospitality is to make guests feel at home. What better way to do so than bringing the look and energy of a home into your hotel decor.