One of my favorite moments about working in hospitality design is when a client walks into a room, and the art selection blows them away. At first, I struggled to figure out how to do this every time. With so many rooms in a hotel, how do you make every single one breathtaking? Over time, I have developed my principles of choosing hotel art.

Scale Up

The scale is everything. A piece of artwork is most beautiful when it fits. It's like a dress. It does not matter how expensive or detailed it is, a beautiful ball gown will make even the most beautiful woman look sloppy if it is three sizes too small.  Similarly, if there is one decorating mistake I see more often than any other, it’s choosing artwork that is too small or too big.

When selecting art, you must take into consideration the size of the space you are working with. You never want to clutter a room, so having a clear vision of where the furniture will be placed will help determine the size of artwork you should select. Consider the spots where furniture in a room feels barren or where high ceilings highlight extra space. Then, determine if a vertical, circular, horizontal, or square piece will best accentuate your room.  Once you know how much room you are working with, don’t hesitate to scale up.

Mix antique and modern. Be bold!

For the most striking look, mix your traditional designs with modern art, or vice versa. There is a huge misconception that doing so makes your art selection “collide” with the design. But the juxtaposition simply allows your art to have its moment. It creates a layer of complexity, adding energy to your room. Choosing a bold piece of artwork does not mean you have to display it in a bold way either. When you utilize low-profile frames or display options or analogous colors, the art becomes a piece of the space. Why go modern or classic, when you can create a room that is timeless?

Invest in Local Talent

The most enjoyable part of selecting art is stepping into the mind of the artist. Every piece has a story and stepping into the mind of the artist allows you to understand the inspiration of the piece and understand the energy behind it. Artists statements make a perfect addition to any hotel room. Moreover, Why have a boutique hotel if you are not showcasing what makes your local area unique? I always suggest that art should be locally sourced because I am a firm believer that talent is everywhere. 

Go with your Heart

While your home decor can obey certain rules, your art choices should not. I always urge designers to fill their walls with eclectic choices. Art is a place for expression through texture, content, colors, and shapes. Art is a place to take risks. So, if you love it, buy it.

The last point that I want to make is never settle. If it does not take your breath away, it won't make guests gasp either. With the millions of artists in the world, there should be a stunning piece in every room.