When it comes to hotel design, a washroom can sometimes become an overlooked aspect of the spaces proposal. However, I find it is important for this amenity to reflect the unique style of the hotel including the potential for the design details that can give guests a lasting impression. At first, walking into the washroom should be a comfortable experience, but then should overwhelm the senses with luxury and quiet elegance. Some of my favorite hotels have washrooms that are a get-away by themselves.

Take for instance the Kingston Treehouse at the Lion Sands Game Reserve in Kruger National Park South Africa. Talk about an eye opener! It’s transparent glass walls give a perfect view of the entirety of the natural landscape that surrounds this beautiful bathroom suite. The treehouse concept really captures the rustic African landscape concept that a visitor is looking for by bringing the outside in. And the uniqueness of the interior bamboo design really sells the guest the image of elegance and adventure combined.

With incredible views, the Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island in Australia also really takes advantage of the combination of vantage points and its juxtaposition with modern elegance. The bathroom’s hand-crafted granite tub (with matching granite sinks) sits perfectly pristine next to the large open window spaces. To top it off, the beautiful gray limestone floor-paneling is heated for those wet feet shivers -- this is what I am talking about when I mention the luxury in details.

When thinking of Italy, what do you imagine? Roman antique architecture, sculptured from stone, years of dedication to detail at the hands of master artistry. The Affresco Suite definitely captures this antiquated elegance in its amazing washroom. Located in Florence, Italy in the luxurious Il Salviatino, this suite’s bathroom is ancient elegance at its finest. The stone floors have a unique raised pattern and offer a base for a hand-crafted tub carved from stone straight from Florence’s antiquity.

Of course, when designing your rooms, it is important to have your design proposal clear and complete before you can consider the type of detail you want to add in your bathroom. For instance, It would be a complete and utter disaster to refashion a modern style bathroom in a french boutique hotel. For this reason, it’s important to have a streamlining concept, from the lobby to the bathroom, of your hotel design. Any guest would feel more than welcomed and nothing less than impressed with the capacity of these bathrooms to really wow them enough for a return visit. When you are looking to awe your guests, washrooms certainly set these hotels apart from the rest and give a continuity of aesthetic that allows the guest to feel that they have certainly had an exceptional experience.