When it comes to hospitality design, there is so much beyond what meets the eye. Your client is expecting you to develop a concept that will please people of all ages, people from across the world, and create an environment that's enjoyable for employees to work in. The real question is, where does one even begin? Many projects later, and much trial and error, we have a few suggestions to get your wheels turning before you start your next project.

Comfort: Comfort should always be at the forefront of our minds. While we want to achieve both style and comfort, make sure you never sacrifice comfort for aesthetic. Yes, those barstools will look excellent at the bar, but without backs, our customers will not be able to sit comfortably for more than fifteen minutes. Ideally, you want to always keep your guests in mind when furnishing a hotel, because it's about creating a space that they can call home for a few days.

Message: As a designer, when you begin a new project you must learn your client. Every business owner has a message and it's important for you to be aware of their values and mission of the space you are going to work in. If your client has an eco-friendly business, it might not make sense to use all-wood furniture that was milled from forest trees when you could instead aim for recycled or repurposed materials. Design goes as far as taking these specific things into consideration and working to build off their already established aesthetic.

Cleanability: Guests always expect hospitality to be clean. Let's face it, dirty furniture reminiscent of a stranger’s touch is anything but welcoming. When you select your decor, whether it’s a rug, duvet, or cushioned chair, it’s essential that it is easy to clean and mend. This is especially important in any dining spaces where food and wine may stain the decor. 

Accessible placing: This point comes from a recent experience of mine. I walked into a luxurious hotel bathroom and was in awe. It was huge, with gorgeous mood lighting, soft plush rugs, gold plated fixtures...but you could not reach the toilet paper from the toilet or the towels from the shower. Make sure that your spacing makes sense. Common sense is more important than aesthetic.

When you work in the hospitality industry, your number one priority is the customer. No matter how creative or innovative your designs – if you don’t provide customers with a wonderful and comfortable experience, business will suffer. If you're looking to bring a refreshing look to your hotel, email us at: