Viewing the Christmas season through the eyes of a child can be magical. The wonderment and joy that they express is breathtaking as they patiently wait for the first flakes of snow, or tromp through the cold of night as they wait for the big Christmas tree in the town square to light and for Santa to arrive. 

 I am fortunate to have a daughter that truly loves the holiday season as much as I do. As we drag out all of our Christmas attire, she carefully helps unwrap each and every ornament and recites stories about all the pieces we have gathered over the years.  "Mommy, remember when we went to the Nutcracker and the mouse scared me, so Santa brought me a Nutcracker mouse to remember it was not so scary after all?" Or, "Mommy, remember when I made this ornament with my handprint for you when I was four? I remember how proud I was to give it to you and you cried because you said it made your heart happy?" 

 It's these precious memories and more that tend to stand out as the year draws to an end and we realize what a journey we have been on. 

 The Haude and Paradigm family have certainly had a year of milestones and changes, but we have embraced each new challenge as an opportunity to grow and have not looked back. 

 I am thankful for so many accomplishments my team has achieved this year and how they continue to push me to strive for excellence which inspires me to continue to lead with grace. 

 I hope you also experience a season of joy and memories this December, but I hope you also look forward to the New Year, as it provides another chance for opportunities we never thought in our wildest dreams would or could occur. 

 Thank you for all your love and support this year and in the years to come. Wishing you much love and joy this season.