The old adage has it, “first impressions matter,” especially when it comes to your hotel.

Lobbies are the first interior place where guests get acquainted with the style, ambiance, service standards, and interior design of the hotel. And just like people, hotel lobbies embody distinct personalities. Therefore, a positive first impression is crucial and impacts the overall guests’ perception and satisfaction.

Among the many public areas, the hotel lobby has the single greatest impact on guests and visitors. In terms of the “home-away-from-home,” the lobby is the community living room and needs to provide all of the same functions and more.

  • First, create a destination: Hotel lobbies give guests a feeling of arrival to their guests travel destination. When well thought out, lobbies can themselves be a destination. But it is important to realize that your lobby should provide some form of experience. Whether it is local charm, grandiose luxury, or rejuvenating relaxation, create an environment that invites guests to stop, look, and wonder.
  • Cater to your crowd: To create a lobby space that attracts in new guests, it is essential to develop a good understanding of who your guests are and design around them. The driving element in these designs and philosophies should always be ease and functionality for your guest. For example, honeymoon couples deserve splendor and romance. Offer them both community spaces and little nooks with more privacy. On the other hand, business executives want space to connect to their devices and serve as an office. However, they may also want to network with other people–at a bar or in a conference area.
  • Do not forget functionality: Lastly, remember that the lobby is not just about your guests. It can also play an important role in facilitating or hindering employees. Time equals money, and you want to make sure the layout and design work in conjunction with the work of the employees. Guest counters should be both stunning and a comfortable height. Lighting is important for romance and the eyes of your employees. Offer them stylish and comfortable stools. Make restrooms easy to access. Reducing to stress on employees means they can focus on creating an excellent experience for your guests.

A great lobby functions as advertising for future guests, a destination home-away-from-home, a comfortable working environment, a splendor to the eyes, and it adds value to your property. When designing your lobby, steer clear of the traditional “hotel lobby” look, and try to create an amazing experience for everyone who walks in. Are you ready to transition your lobby into a home-away-from-home? Email us at: