What is it that makes the place we call home different than any other? Is it the welcoming atmosphere as soon as we come in, or is it the calmness and relaxation that takes over and makes you want to walk barefoot and not be afraid of enjoying every corner. Being familiar with a space and how things work allows you to feel like you have everything you may need. In the hospitality industry, we have to focus less on just providing guests a place to sleep, and focus more on the small details that turn a house into a home. If you want your guests to sleep well, you must offer them that at home experience–creating a reason for them to come back.

Here’s how we can do that:

  • Highly trained staff: a crew who is willing to make their guests forget about jet lag, welcome them to a new location and be able to offer the connection they wish to feel by learning their guests’ names, knowing their needs before they ask, and making a visitor feel less like a stranger in a strange land.
  • Open spaces: despite the size of the suitcase, it is important to have the feeling of freedom to move without hitting something. Make sure there is not only space for their travel essentials, but also space to hang and fold their belongings without it feeling too cluttered. Often, taking it the extra mile with supplies like irons and ironing boards really helps, especially when you cater to a lot of business professionals traveling for work. Small amenities like these will turn your hotel guests into frequent visitors.
  • Calming colors: keep it simple and sober, welcoming and relaxing, and most importantly inviting. Though they may be beautiful, avoid using strong colors like red or yellow, which are recommended more for dining rooms.
  • Comfortable furniture: from sofas and chairs to cushions and beds, feeling invited to sit down or to lay down and relax is the key. Before selecting anything, test out the comfort yourself. Close your eyes and lay back and see if you can find yourself peacefully at rest.
  • Amenities: There is no detail that should go unnoticed. Having all the elements that allow guests to do their morning routines or night rituals will make a difference in your guests life, believe me. Make sure to provide soft and clean linens and enough towels for all needs. (bath towel, face washer, hand towel, bath mat, bath sheet, etc.) Leave room on the shelves for storage spaces, and open counter space for things such as somewhere to lay keys or computer work space.
  • Embracing natural light: big windows with clear walls can make a difference for a traveler not to feel enclosed in the guestroom. You want your guests to be able to see the city they came to visit.
  • In-house grocery shopping: nothing reminisces home like opening your fridge or kitchen drawers to see them stocked with goodies. Though it’s impossible to know exactly what someone likes to snack on, it’s always good to have healthy options as well as something sweet to indulge in.


Despite the many joys, traveling can also be difficult as it’s hard to find a hotel with all your needs. With the holidays approaching, hoteliers can expect their busiest time of the year, so it’s crucial to get down to business now and transform your hotel into a home away from home. If you’re looking for expertise advise for you Holiday renovation, email us at: