We are beginning to think about Christmas and all of the joys that will commence. Our family has already started discussing where we will hold the big event and whether or not we will have a gift exchange. It is one of my favorite times of the year.  Winter is setting in. Food, Family, Love. But for some, December marks other pressing dates.

While shopping, tending to their shopping, and missing families while they are traveling, business professionals are fitting in their 4th quarter meetings, wrapping up sales, and looking for great spaces to conduct their year-end business. Try to keep their needs in mind this season while as both the happiness and the chaos take off.


Now, I know that a big long table looks regal, but it is not very practical for a team to work together, let alone hear each other. No one wants a meeting space where you cannot actually meet. Make sure your space and your furniture are conducive for productive meetings; have a space big enough for medium and large sized groups (and the furniture) to fit comfortably.  Writing boards or white-board tables are a fun way to encourage collaboration. Offering microphones to your guests so they can hear the speaker make your meeting spaces stand out.


Remember that different meetings call for different set ups. Personally, my favorite meeting spaces are the ones that allow me to easily move from listening to a key speaker to working with the person next to me. Light-weight tables and chairs that pull together into varied shapes make the space more flexible. If you cannot offer flexibility, then try to offer different types of meeting rooms for different sized groups.


Nothing drives me crazier than going to a business meeting with all of my documents ready and not being able to use them. Make sure your meeting space is up-to-date. Have adequate internet strength to accommodate large groups, plentiful outlets, a projection screen or TV, and extra HDMI cables and mouses. Your business travelers will appreciate your preparedness since it makes their lives easier.


While beauty is not the first thing on your traveler’s mind, it is always helpful to leave an impression. Ditch the boring dimly lit ballroom and the conference room with the oversized executive desk, and go for natural light, with a crisp, stylish design, offering a mix of seating. Making it easier for people to work together — more conveniently, more comfortably, with more flexibility means they can worry less about their meetings and more about what it really important.

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December greetings to all.