Vacations are always anticipated with such excitement. It’s an opportunity to unwind, relax and create happy memories with your loved ones. Perhaps you always go to the same spot each year, or you seek out a new adventure. Regardless, this time away allows you to slow down, reconnect with your soul and just enjoy being in the moment.

Our family tends to always try something new each year. Thoughtful planning and discussions take place starting in January as we think of what we want to do and where we want to go. I begin researching the area, the prices and availability of the chosen spot and before long, the details are worked out. Then, the countdown begins as we eagerly await the big day to arrive.

Now, as I look across this beautiful French countryside, I cannot help but soak in the sun, the culture, the people and reminisce about the amazing history that surrounds me. In all of our adventures each day, I am finding new items that inspire me and ultimately will come out some way in design. The patterns, the textures and even the vivid colors from all around create a backdrop that is permanently etching into my brain. I cannot wait to come home and start sketching these ideas out and incorporating them into exciting new things to come.

I hope that you are embracing summer and enjoying these long, lazy days of sunshine, warmth and memories. Until then, au revoir!