I personally love to travel. I love the sense of adventure, meeting new people, and exploring new places. It’s probably a good thing that I like to travel, given my current career choice, because ultimately these experiences come out as design inspiration and fresh ideas.

Recently my daughter asked me about all of the places I have been. They had just started a new social studies chapter and have been reading about Flat Stanley. You see, he’s a paper boy that goes on a great adventure around the world. The children pick a person to send him to and this person takes Flat Stanley with them everywhere they go and document his travels. He is then sent back with a journal of pictures to tell his story.

I wondered then if Flat Stanley were with me, what would he see? He would see plenty of airports, flights and hotel rooms. But, he would also see great clients, amazing places and a passionate team of people that I work with every day that love design as much as I do.

While Isabella’s Flat Stanley will be donning some winter clothes and heading off to Ohio for some R&R at my Aunt and Uncle’s home, my adventure in travel has just begun. I still have a few more states to see and plenty of countries before my bucket list is complete. Though, best of all, I’m taking this journey with my creative staff and clients and building an amazing bank of memories along the way.