My dad, who has always been a great inspiration to me, recently announced that he was going to retire this month. While I immediately did a happy dance, as selfishly this means he can become my back up baby-sitter, I am also very proud of him as he moves toward this new adventure. He will have the opportunity to start a chapter in his life that lets him truly focus on those things he is passionate about. 

You see, my dad is a thinker and when he decides to take on a project, he does so with great enthusiasm and won’t give up regardless of the circumstances. I have seen him nurse plants and trees that would have been mistaken for dead, or research how to outsmart that pesky squirrel that constantly eats every bit of food in the bird feeder, or any number of other quandaries life has placed before him.

With each new challenge, he always follows the same process. He starts with intense research, then maps out his plan of attack, obtains the materials needed, then executes his plan. No matter the task, he is a perfectionist and is determined to see the challenge through.

It was not until recently that I realized how much my Dad has influenced my own outlook on life.  The enthusiasm I feel toward my chosen profession is the same passion I see in him. I always knew I had a love of design and wanted to do something creative, but when I had to figure out how I would support myself as an Interior Designer, I too used my thinking skills that my dad showed me over the years and figured out how to make it happen. I had a “can do” spirit and wanted to prove to others and myself that it was achievable and that great things can happen if you develop and execute a well thought out plan. I also employ this on a daily basis atParadigm Design Group as we follow a similar type process with every project. I believe that design is like telling a story- but with every story you also have to have a great plan in place to make it happen. So, thanks Dad, for being such a great example and for being there for me, and for all of our family!

You see, February is not only a month of hearts and flowers, it’s a time to really say thank you to those you hold dear in your heart. I’m thankful for each and every day I have with my family and cherish those moments when I can call them and say I love you. So go ahead and enjoy this month…and maybe eat some chocolate…but don’t forget to say “I love you” to all those you hold dear.