We have officially entered into my favorite season, Spring! I love watching the transformation that Mother Earth takes as she awakes from her winter slumber. The trees start to bud, the flowers pop up, and the animals appear with new little babies at their side. Everything is new again and shows signs of promise, hope and renewal.

At Paradigm, we’re doing our own take on renewal by transforming products we specify everyday into a fashion masterpiece. A few months ago we accepted the BD West challenge and were sent almost one hundred pounds of materials to make a wearable and thematic fashion creation. Using nature and Spring renewal as our inspiration, we have designed a dress that embodies Female Ecdysis. This concept reflects an edgy feminine reptilian creature metamorphosing in preparation for the coming season.

It’s amazing to think that four boxes of random fabrics, upholstery springs, gears, paint chips, wood veneer, and tile could inspire us to create a wearable dress that will eventually be auctioned off for a great cause.

So, as the snow melts, the bird’s chirp, and the tulips emerge in your flowerbeds; enjoy this glorious Spring, because you never know what will inspire you next!