As I travel outside the country for various projects, I often get asked, “where are you from?” Of course when I answer Houston, their eyes get larger and they respond with glee, “WOW! So is it really true that everyone there lives in great big houses, drives huge trucks and has cows or horses in their backyard?” Naturally I just laugh. While we don’t all own acreage galore, Houston certainly does have plenty of charming places to go and explore, we enjoy fairly decent weather (except for June, July, August and September), but most of all, it’s the place I have called home for the past 30 years.

In honor of Mother’s Day and my upcoming birthday, Bella decided it would be great if she could interview me about my favorite things. Keep in mind this is a 9 year old with a very creative mind…


“Hi Mommy, thank you for sitting down with me today and by the way, you look quite lovely. Would you mind answering these questions for me?”


Of course I said yes, so here it goes…


Bella: If you could choose to live in the country or the city, where would you go?

Mommy: Country with lots of acreage, trees and wild animals (except snakes)!


Bella: If you could pick your favorite restaurant for daddy to take you, where would you go?

Mommy: Black’s Market Table – yum!


Bella: If we go into town for a special event, where do you like to go?

Mommy: To the Hobby Center to attend a play.

Bella: YES! I agree – watching Beauty and the Beast was awesome!


Bella: Ok, if daddy said its ok, where would you want to shop?

Mommy: Hmmm, do I have a budget?

Bella: No – you can spend whatever you want.

Mommy: Ok – then Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor and Kate Spade.

Bella: Oh mommy, you have enough purses!


Bella: If you could travel all summer, where would you go?

Mommy: France


Bella: If you could start all over again from college, would you do the same thing or something different?

Mommy:  I would certainly do the same thing; I would just be a bit wiser.


Bella:  If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?

Mommy: Hmm, who would pay the bills?

Bella: Well, daddy of course!

Mommy: Ok, so I guess I would go to France, garden, paint and cook – and maybe take a formal cooking class. But, I think I might get bored if I was by myself.

Bella: Oh mommy, of course I would be with you and daddy and Chloe (our dog), because someone has to speak French!


Bella: Thank you, Mommy, for sitting down with me. Now, may I go play? I think my animals are calling me.


Oh the innocence and sweetness of youth!


I hope that you enjoy this beautiful month and if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, please reach out to us. We would love to share some Southern Hospitality with you. Wishing you much joy and love.