In Texas, it seems like the kids go back to school earlier and earlier each year. Perhaps because we have hit the Dog Days of Summer and it is just too dang hot, or the parents have conspired and agreed that their children are all bored and are beginning to drive them nuts. Nevertheless, we are getting back into the swing of things and heading back to school.

I cannot believe that my baby is entering third grade already and is beginning a new adventure. Not only do we have the normal new schoolwork to look forward to, but, we are venturing into Little Saints – the school cheerleading squad. I cannot wait to see her excited little face as she cheers on her school at the home football and basketball games. I have never seen a more excited little girl as she huddles around her friends, making memories, jumping in the air and the dreaded, scary mommy moment – as they launch her into the air as the “flyer” as she is one of the little ones on the squad.

August also brings changes to the PDG team. We welcomed a design intern, Chelsea, from Baylor University over the summer and were saddened to see her leave and head back to school. However, we will certainly keep in touch with her as we cannot wait to see how her senior year goes and all the exciting changes it will bring to her life over the months to come. We also welcomed a new Junior Designer, Lanie, to our group and are thrilled to see what fresh, new ideas she will bring.

We are also actively working behind the scenes on some exciting new product that will launch soon, all inspired by my French travels this summer, as we are working in partnership with Guildery. And finally, the Great PDG Design Challenge will show off our new boards the first week in September.

Wishing you a happy and restful August!