The last day of school before Spring Break is a big deal at my daughter’s school. While the children are excited for the prospect of playtime and no homework for the week to come, they first get to experience something else, extra special.

It is a tradition at our school that this last day is devoted to Grandparents. The administration believes that Grandparents are a very important part in our children’s development and make it a point to go above and beyond in honoring them on this day. The children spend weeks preparing with special drawings, creating love notes and looking forward with anticipation to the morning hours they spend with their Grandmothers and Grandfathers in their classroom.  The morning ends with a special presentation at chapel where the children sing songs, flowers are given and hugs and kisses abound.

I love this day each year as it warms my heart to see this legacy of honor, love, respect and tradition handed down from generation to generation.

In some ways, we too provide a small legacy with each and every design project that we create. Inspired by the world around us, our imaginations go wild as we live our lives and see our surroundings in a different way. Somehow that beautiful sunrise or vivid sunset, the early morning dew set upon the forest or even nature’s abundance of colors that are seen through the plants, flowers and wildlife create an inspiration for the interior spaces we create. These items then help us create an experience or environment that people will have as they stay at the various hotels around the world. We too spend weeks and months planning and preparing for the big unveil, until finally with anticipation the day is here. The space is complete and people can come and enjoy while creating their own beautiful memories with their families and friends.

I hope that you too are able to spend some time this month creating a legacy of memories. Perhaps it’s a much needed vacation or just some down time on the weekend. Regardless of how you spend it, I wish you much joy and love this month.