Carl and I were recently asked to attend a fundraising event to help represent an organization that our church greatly supports. While I was familiar with LOVE146, which is a human rights group that fights to abolish child exploitation, I never really focused on it nor did I realize that I could make a difference.

As the date of the event neared, I started researching the group and found myself watching videos with tears streaming down my face as I learned more about this horrible reality that affects large numbers of innocent children across the globe. I was appalled that this form of human rights abuse even existed and to make matters worse, it was happening to those who had very little means of protecting themselves. While I was certainly aware that bad things happen in our world, this really hit home. I thought about my own sweet little girl and what an idyllic life she leads, and how devastated I would be if something so horrific happened to her. I had to find out more and I was ready to get involved.

During that fundraiser, as I sat there listening to President and Co-Founder Rob Morris speak about who LOVE146 is and what they do, it opened my eyes and my heart even more. Love is a powerful thing. It evokes such a strong emotion that many times we have no control over nor can we explain how or why we feel a certain way. But when we truly love a person or a cause, we will move mountains to make sure they are taken care of and will help in any way possible. To reference Mr. Morris, “Love is the foundation of our name because it is our motivating drive to end the trafficking and exploitation of children. We hold true what Martin Luther King, Jr. said: Justice at its best is love correcting everything that stands against love.”

With the encouragement and support of my team, we at Paradigm Design Group have decided to partner with LOVE146 as volunteers to help support their mission to end child trafficking and exploitation worldwide.

While it is heartbreaking to see these injustices happen in our world, we are thrilled to be taking the first steps to help improve and abolish these cruel realities. While we jokingly will say it “takes a village to raise a child”, here is our opportunity to be part of that village for these innocent children. I encourage you to learn about this organization and help in any way you can.

LOVE146 has shown me that my care and compassion for others can be a gift that has a much wider reach than I could have ever imagined. I wish you well this month and hope that your heart serves as your guide as you encounter those around you each and every day.

To learn more about LOVE146, please visit