As Fall is coming around the corner and we get back to the routine of school and activities, I’m beginning to feel a bit nostalgic. It’s hard to believe we have hit our fourteen-year anniversary at the firm this month; it seems like just yesterday that we began. I can distinctly remember the day my husband and I were sitting around the kitchen table in our teeny, tiny apartment and brainstorming ideas for the company and writing a business plan. It was pure torture for me to sit still long enough to complete it, but it was such a necessary step so we could stay on track. Little did we know that ten days later, it would become even more critical that we had our marketing plan complete as the entire world changed the day the Towers fell.

With endless determination and perseverance, we worked around the clock obtaining new clients, working on projects, and constantly finding new ways to increase our efficiency and expand our opportunities.

Today, I am fortunate to be surrounded by a team of amazing and talented designers and staff, awesome clients, and new challenges each and every day. We have certainly grown and expanded over the years, but the same founding principals and roots that started our business are still there. We believe that a work/life balance is essential, customer service is key, and that we should always remain humble, and grateful for what we have. As we learned long ago, everything can change in an instant, but with dedication, passion and perseverance, a dream can come true.

So cheers to the past and to another fourteen years and beyond. With my husband by my side, I can only imagine what the future will bring as we continue to dream and think outside the box and bring amazing interiors to life.