Halloween does not have to consist of fake spiderwebs, plastic pumpkins and other dime store finds, but it can be glamorous, simple, elegant and still easily added to anyone’s decor. Here are a couple of ideas from Lisa A. Haude, President of Paradigm Design Group, and Kari Whitman Interiors on keeping Halloween tasteful and unique for your hotel and/or home decor.

Lisa A. Haude: Pumpkins, Pumpkins and More Pumpkins

Pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors can be found everywhere today from the grocery store, to the farmer’s stand and even the local superstore.  Try grouping 3-5 pumpkins of various sizes on a table in the lobby or on some of the accent tables in the various seating groups. Feel free to use some of the more interesting heritage type pumpkins in your groupings (i.e., pair some bumpy orange large or medium size pumpkins with green striped gourds and smaller baby pumpkins). Depending on the size of the pumpkins you have, you can place them in a large bowl for display or directly on the table. Or if your decor is quite contemporary or your color palate does not pair well with orange, consider using simple white pumpkins in the space. Simply stack three white pumpkins with faux moss nestled in between each pumpkin in a beautiful pot. Then place the pots flanking the entry doors. Group some other small groupings of 1-3 pumpkins strategically around the lobby as well to help tie them all together.

Kari Whitman Interiors:

“Kari Whitman Interiors is all about recycling and giving things a new life, so, after enjoying that bottle of wine, do not hurry to toss it away. Drill a hole on the side of the bottle, put a string of white lights through and watch the bottles shine with some red light (use brown bottles, of course) This is the easy way to have some original, spooky, inexpensive decor for your room!”