The month of November begins the season of gratitude. As we begin to gather with our family and close friends, we start to reflect on the past year and the joys in our life. I know I personally take the time to appreciate how fortunate I am and that many of my greatest blessings are due in large part to the sacrifices or choices of others.

For example, I am thankful that my husband shared my vision and so willingly gave up his career in international business to work with me and build the design company we have today. I know we would not be where we are without his wisdom, guidance, and endless support.

I am thankful for the fabulous clients and consultants we get to work with and for our talented Paradigm team that has made us the amazing company we are today.

Most of all, I am thankful that nine years ago a young girl had the maturity and presence of mind to chose to keep her unborn child and allowed my husband and I to take this sweet baby home and raise her as our own. This energetic, loving, kind-hearted little monkey captured my heart the second I saw her and continues to push me to be a better person each and every day. Words could never express the gratitude I feel when I look into her eyes and see pure joy for her life. I cherish each moment with her and hope that I inspire her to do great things with her life and support her dreams, never taking for granted the opportunity I was given to be her mom.

With that I mind, I hope you too find gratitude in your heart and thank those around you for helping mold and shape this amazing life you live.

Happy Thanksgiving!