Twenty-five plus years ago (wow, that’s a big number), I pictured a reality that I hoped would come true one day. My very artistic mind was searching for a career/lifestyle that would let me be creative yet structured, but also engage in entrepreneurship.  And, of course I would marry my Prince Charming who would sweep me off my feet and we would ride away into the sunset.

As I reflect back on this journey, I see that much of my dream has come true, but just like our firm’s name, it took a bit of outside of the box thinking to make it happen.

I quickly learned that hospitality design was my passion and found my mentor while still in college who ultimately inspired me to want more.  It has been almost fifteen years ago now that I decided to begin the adventure and started my own firm in September of 2001, which as you can imagine was not the best timing due to the 9-11 attacks.  However, through perseverance, guts and determination, we continued to build our company and I am so proud of the people that I work with each and every day.  And, I did meet my Prince Charming and happily married him. Though he did not ride up on that horse and sweep me off my feet, we did have a horse drawn carriage at our wedding – so I guess that counts. Besides, I live in Texas and everyone thinks we live on great big ranches, drive oversized Cadillacs and have longhorn steers roaming in our backyard.  

The point is that my journey to date has been an amazing ride. While we certainly have had our fair share of twists and turns, I would not want it any other way. However, as we start off this New Year, I can only smile as I think of the possibilities that the next twelve months may bring. I see joy, I see opportunities, I see laughter, and I see struggles, but most of all, I see unconditional love for my family and exciting adventures and projects for my Paradigm team.

I thank my lucky stars each night as I kiss my sweet little girl and my loving husband good night and I pinch myself in the morning when I sit at my desk with full awareness that I love what I do.  I look forward to the challenges and adventures that lie ahead and cannot wait to partake in this next portion of the journey.

So cheers to you and your loved ones in this Happy New Year. Remember to slow down and enjoy this time because before you know it, it will flash by and we will be saying hello again, but to another New Year.