January is all about fresh starts and new beginnings.

On the last day of December, we gather with family and friends and wait patiently for the stroke of midnight. The countdown begins…10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1, and then we all kiss and hug and say HAPPY NEW YEAR with great enthusiasm as we think about all the adventures that are to come.

While some will create long lists of resolutions, others will spend time creating goals of things they want to achieve before the year ends, and some…well, they just go with the flow.

I personally love the first few weeks of a New Year. It’s almost like the First Day of School all over again. I set up my new calendar, get the bug to organize closets and drawers and prod my young child to clean out her toys. It also allows me time to reflect and think about what I would like to accomplish from my own mental bucket list before the year is up. Perhaps this is the year I will make it to Brazil or Australia for vacation. Or maybe I will find more time to slow down and relax and enjoy the moment instead of moving at warp speed and focusing on my schedule and to-do list.

Regardless of what adventures I take on for this year, I am always thankful that I am surrounded by wonderful family, friends, and colleagues that love me unconditionally. I would be lost without their support and know they the journey will be so much richer.  So, here’s to a brand new year and hoping that this will be a great new start for whatever adventure you decide to take on in the coming months.