Let’s face it – designers are really artists in a state of constant evolution. Our minds are always thinking of how to creatively re-interpret something. Whether we see a fabric or a pattern or even an element in nature, it’s as if we see this as a challenge and think about what we can do to manipulate it and create something new. You see, the world that I live in is like a great big blank canvas. Each and every day, the items that I touch, feel, and even experience will often create that launch point for that next design concept – whatever it might be.

As I was laying out our new office space, I intentionally added some blank canvas space in the designer’s studio. My thought was that this would allow all of our inner artists to come out, yet, with a bit more freedom. In this instance we would not have a specific Brand or Client direction or constraint, but there would still be rules. The group was evenly divided into three equal groups and was given one week to create their version of “Summer Inspiration”. Any sort of element could be used to create their design inspiration (ie, fabric, wallcovering, images of food, fashion, design, etc), but had to be able to easily be pinned on the board with a simple push pin and could not ultimately scar the board. Their design would ultimately then be judged by me with one team being deemed the winner for the Summer Season.

All three boards, plus some behind the scenes images, will be posted to our social media sites so you can participate in the fun. Somehow I envision we will have some friendly but fierce competition going and I think there may even be some surprises in our wake. But needless to say, I know my creative team will enjoy kicking off our Summer with the first of many “Paradigm Games”.