May is always a busy month of celebrations in the Haude household. Not only do we have Mother’s Day, my birthday and wedding anniversary, but we also celebrate the beginning of summer as school lets out and the kids say goodbye to their teachers and look forward to lazy days, summer camps and well, let’s be honest, driving mom and dad crazy!

Like any parent, I do have my moments when Isabella will try me and certainly drive me batty, but, I still would not trade it for anything in the world. I thank my lucky stars the day we were selected to be her parents and brought her home and it was only then that I truly understood this amazing bond that is created between a mother and a child. She inspires me each and every day to be a better, stronger and more well-rounded person and to truly appreciate what we have.

She is currently at that tender age where she idolizes her parents, grandparents, teachers and older cousins, as they have become role models to her. She sees how they interact with others, show kindness, play, and react to her silly acts and antics. Yet, she inspires me to see the world through her eyes. It’s a world of child like innocence as she sees that cute little bunny hoping along, or spending an afternoon playing in the fort and playing on the swing. It’s using creativity and imagination as she names each and every stuffed animal she owns (and we have far more than I can count), then having a tea party with them all and remembering who likes whom and what they all eat – even if it’s cut up pieces of paper that look like fun little treats.

Spending this time with her reminds me to slow down and take in the beauty that surrounds me. While we all can get caught up on the constant merry go round of life – up at dawn, quick work out, constant email, phone calls and deadlines – we also need to remember that we too are our children’s role models and they look to us each and every day for inspiration. But sometimes, you just have to be a kid and enjoy that moment for what it is and enjoy that time with them.

So to everyone out there, cherish your kiddos a little bit more this month. Celebrate them and be thankful that you have another day to hold them tight, kiss them and love them. As for me, I will continue to love each and every moment – especially at night as I sing our silly lullaby song I made up so many years ago and we snuggle in bed together to read the latest chapter in her ever growing collection of books.