My early childhood years were spent in the Midwest where summers were pure bliss. Warm, sunny days blended into cool, moonlit nights. As the sun would start to set, we would cook our meals on the grill and gather around the table with friends and family and enjoy watching the night come alive. Almost like magic, the fireflies would start to blink as the night wore on and we would scamper around the yard trying to gather as many as we could in mason jars and watch their mesmerizing blinking bottoms flash on and off.

As we embrace the first month of summer, we all take a deep sigh of relief, as everything seems to slow down just a bit. The days are warm and long, vacations are greatly anticipated and somehow everything seems more relaxed.

I typically use this time to rejuvenate my soul and allow my surroundings to inspire me. The hummingbird that faithfully comes to the flowers at my office window each morning, the baby deer frolicking in the woods and the sights and sounds of our summer travels all create a breathtaking backdrop to my creative mind as I explore ways to convey countless ideas. As the thoughts come together, they become ingredients in the team’s brainstorming sessions as we work on new and exciting boutique projects, licensing designs, and hotel assignments that hopefully please the souls of others as much as we enjoy creating them.

So as dusk gathers on this beautiful evening, I anxiously await the few remaining fireflies to come out and light up the sky. The sounds of the Chicks-Wills-Widow sing in the distance and the breeze blows softly through the trees. Another beautiful day has passed, but the beauty still abounds in the moonlight. I wish you a wonderful summer ahead as you slowly unwind and rejuvenate your own soul.