This month we start off with a bang, literally, as we celebrate the birth of our great nation. Parades, parties and fireworks abound as every city, large or small, decorates and happily commemorates America’s beginning.

This month we also celebrate the birthday of our CFO and my partner in crime, Carl. He is such an integral part of the business and is part of the reason why we are such a success today. Carl is the most ambitious and driven man I know, but he has such a gentle way of showing it. Early on, when we first started the firm, Carl and I shared a desk in a very tiny two-bedroom apartment. We were literally inches apart from each other and together all day long. We spent many nights working around the clock on deadlines and projects as he helped type specs, assemble color boards and bring me meals. We still laugh about the 2 am trips to Walmart because our glue gun burned up or driving boxes full of project submittals to the Fed Ex terminal at the airport so that it could still be shipped out that night and on time.

As potential clients learned that my husband and I work together, they would typically assume the he was an architect and I was the designer. Well, in a way he is, but not in a traditional sense. He is the architect that was able to take my creativity and vision and masterfully create the blueprint that we still follow today. His acute business sense and constant mentorship taught me more than the textbooks I read in school ever did and his gentle approach and strength showed me how to lead with grace. I have grown and evolved over the years into my role, but I am so very thankful for his continued guidance and support.

Today, he still works quietly behind the scenes and ensures that we continue to have a strong footing in today’s business world. Along with my daughter, he is one of my biggest cheerleaders and proudly supports our growth and team. I am fortunate that we found each other so many years ago and that he was willing to travel this journey with me, side by side. It’s been amazing to watch our visions, both personal and professional, mesh and intermingle, and we love the Paradigm family we have created.

So I wish him a very happy birthday and hope that all his dreams continue to be fulfilled.  Happy 4th to you and yours, and don’t forget to thank those special people that help make your dreams come true.