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Two years ago, I had the privilege of traveling through France with my youngest brother and his family for our summer vacation. As we embarked on daily adventures with a smile on our face and skip in our step, we enjoyed the playful banter, the beautiful scenery and of course, our daily dose of sorbet. Then each night we would sit out by the pool and look up at the sky in wonder as it was filled with millions and millions of stars and reflect upon the day, our childhood and just life in general. While our surroundings were an inspiration on their own, just spending one on one time with my family was a memory that will forever be cherished.

Many times as we climbed up mountainsides and viewed the vistas below, my brother would look at me and say, “tell me what you see.” I would respond that I see countless shades of green and gold creating a magnificent patchwork of shapes that playfully follow the graceful curve of the river. Looking up and beyond, the sky is the most magnificent shade of blue that is highlighted by the crisp white clouds and just beyond where the sun is peeking through, we see a magical display of pinks, purples, blues and everything in between.

Michael would then just turn and smile and say, “Wow! All I saw was a field of sunflowers and a farmer in the corner taking his horse over to the river.”

You see, inspiration is all around us and how we view it truly differs for each and every person. As I travel for work or pleasure, I am continually amazed on how new surroundings can provide that launching point for each new project that we work on and how my creative soul just seems to take over and create something awe inspiring.

I am extremely excited that my husband and I will be traveling to Rome, Italy towards the end of this month and I cannot wait to share the beauty of the Eternal City with him. The weather should be that perfect, crisp, fall day and the trees will be showcasing their full splendor of beauty as they transition from one season to the next and the countless museums, amazing architecture and beautiful culture will provide inspiring backdrops for future design ideas that endlessly seem to pop up in my mind. The city will be on showcase, in its own magical way, and I am sure it will be a trip that we will fondly remember for years to come.

Wishing you much joy this month,