Empowering Design

When thinking about empowerment, we can’t help but imagining strong support, thought processes, uniqueness, and more. There are many ways to help empower design and create the standard of making design the success that it is today.



Design is more than just materials and ideas. It takes a team to put forth the effort to make sure interior design takes off. Many people think that because a name is associated with a place that it was that one designer who did it all. That is usually never the case. A designer needs support from outside sources as well as team members to help put all of the pieces together. This can range from finding a piece of furniture to making to that the furniture matches the color scheme of the design. There are many ways to create and ensure empowering design and the support of others is a key to it all.




Empowering design can, most of the time, come from an original design; however, sometimes it comes from doing research. Research is a great way to not only find more ideas, but to make sure that an idea is as original as you think it is. Imagine coming up with an entire piece of furniture, material, color, etc. and come to find that it was already created years ago. Not only is that a waste of money, but it is a huge waste of time as well and time is one thing you can never make more of. Do you due diligence and confirm originality before proceeding. Once you do so, the research empowers that specific design making it more desirable than ever.



Create a Culture

Interior design is not just decorating, although that is a fun part of it. There is a certain culture that lingers around the design world and without it, design would not be the industry it is today. A culture in an industry and/or workplace can easily make or break design. It is increasingly more empowering when everyone on a team is on board with ideas, as well as how to work with each other. Most people cannot work well with others if the environment is hostile and belittling. This mean that the culture around your designers and even clientele has to be consistent. Define the culture and start empowering the designer around and within you!


Encourage Vision

The vision is quite possibly the most empowering part of empowering design. If you cannot see where you want to go with a space, building, piece of furniture, etc., then the vision is either lost or was never there. The vision is what guides one to define where the design needs to go. How you get there is another story, but without a destination in mind, designers can get stuck wondering and wandering, looking for an answer to what they should be working towards. Get the vision written in stone and utilize trusted team members to help lay it out.

Architecture + Design

With the urgency for authenticity and unique ideas on the rise, designers have been working tirelessly on how to achieve those things. Brand new ideas seem to be more rare, but technology is constantly changing, opening doors to new ways of design and more ideas of how to build. There is a competition called the Radical Innovation competition that asks designers, architects, students and hoteliers, to bring to the table innovative hospitality concepts. Although there can only be one winner, all of the ideas seem to bring a different and well thought out idea to the design world.




Ever heard of hydroponics? If not, you should probably make yourself aware pretty soon. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Think about if you were able to provide all of the food including fruits, vegetables, and even fish as well as recycle rainwater to supply a hotel. Hydroponics gives life to this idea providing ways to grow and supplement the food and water for hotels. Although this method has not been researched to its entirety, the idea is incredible and has the potential to help society limit the use of gas in the future.


 Rendering by Aprilli Design Studio that includes pods that transfer visitors to and from long-distance destinations.

Rendering by Aprilli Design Studio that includes pods that transfer visitors to and from long-distance destinations.


Imagine a pod that transferred you from the airport to the hotel without ever having to leave the pod. In this rendering, Aprilli Design Studio proposed the idea of using a different form of transportation. Once you arrive at the airport, the pod would pick you up, take you to the hotel and connect to the room, leaving you to do as you please along the journey and not have to worry. This includes taking a nap, reading, making a meal, etc. Whatever you may need to be doing that a typical ride in a vehicle would inhibit. The fact that the pod would connect to the hotel eliminates any other middlemen, becoming more efficient and reliable in regards to arrival time. Just a side note, these pods can also double as a personal vehicle throughout the trip.


Mental and physical health seems to be on the up and up in society today, especially in the United States. A design firm in Italy submitted a design for a hotel meant to be a safe haven for single parents and children going through family changes and issues. Partnering with psychologists, the firm was able to create multiple therapeutic areas around the hotel that could be used by individuals or groups for different issues. The haven was to be covered in plants while being built into the landscape. Cross-ventilation incorporated into the design also got rid of the need for thermal insulation. It is a known fact that foliage, when placed correctly, can provided and cozy and comfort level that decreases stress and increases happiness. No wonder they would place this hotel in northern Italy among a beautiful landscape.


Luxury Lifestyle

What is considered a Luxury Lifestyle? Nowadays hotels might have a different idea of what people might consider luxurious. Recently, the idea of being unique and authentic has begun to take over the hotel interior design world and guests are all about it. Luckily, interior design is always changing, adjusting, and conforming to new and upcoming trends.


All About Experience

Experiences create memories, so why not make the experience unforgettable? With the materialistic trend moving more towards creating experiences, people have started putting more value in the time they had opposed to the items they bought. So how does that affect designers? To make a long story short, hotel owners are craving to not only see samples of wallpaper and fabric swatches, they want to see the future hotel and rooms themselves. This reason alone is why 3D visualization has become a large element of design presentation nowadays. It is truly incredible how realistic it can look, providing the initial good or bad experience for the client.



There has been a massive shift from using big name brands for interior decor to now using and supporting more local artists. The idea behind this is not only to provide a unique look, but to also show the support and love to artists in the area. Boutique hotels are doing a great job with this and it is much more apparent in the interior design. Shopping at luxury furniture shops will provide you with impeccable options, but you can also find those pieces whether you are shopping in New York, Los Angeles, or Paris. How long can something be considered “luxurious” if it does not have a sense of uniqueness or rarity behind it? This explains why vintage pieces are making a huge comeback as well!

 Recycled wooden bed frame

Recycled wooden bed frame


Awareness for preserving the environment is more prominent than it has ever been before. Luxury means more than just providing high-end furniture and design. Guests what to know and understand that hotels are taking measures to not only accommodate them, but also ensuring that it is being run in a somewhat environmentally friendly way. Soon, people will be boycotting hotels that are not taking responsibility for their part in the Earth’s pollution. Not only in regards to the functioning of the hotel, but the furniture will be evaluated as well. Using upcycled furniture or pieces recycled from old buildings and houses can be a great way to start making the change!



Maintaining the storyline and character of a space is easier said than done. Sometimes designers can get caught up in what the newest trend is and can end up replacing parts of the design that told a story about the space. For example, if hotels in New Orleans started utilizing the news modern or contemporary design trends, the French characteristics would be lost as well as the history. It is important to understand where the space originated and why, otherwise the design could lose it’s authenticity.


The Adult Friendly Hotel Game Room

Let’s be honest, we are all kids at heart. Game rooms for adults are starting to pop up all over the United States. Why should the children get to have all of the fun? These rooms are perfect for parents, young professionals and the older crowds as well. Because they are catered towards adults, there are many games and activities for all ages. Not to mention the bonus of having the option to order drinks and food as well! Here are a few games and amenities offered in some of the coolest game rooms we know of.


Board Games

Keeping it classic, board games are always a favorite. If anything, it makes adults feel nostalgic about their childhood. From Scrabble to Operation to the more adult rated games like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, there is no shortage of games to choose from. One “board” game that has been on many hotels and bars radars is Giant Jenga. They are usually hand built and can be 4 to 5 feet high! You definitely don’t want to be in the way when that thing falls over!



A newer addition to game rooms, practically taking over for foosball, table shuffleboard is taking game rooms by storm. You’ll need to bring in sand for the board, but other than that it is not very messy or hard to maintain. It’s better than the big version of shuffleboard that is usually played on the ground with pushing sticks because it takes up less room and is easier to relocate if necessary! Quite the exciting addition we think.


Video Games

Some people say dogs are a man’s best friends...but we think it’s video games! Hotel adult game rooms are now including video games, but that doesn’t mean nintendo only. We’re talking Wii and other interactive game consoles that allow for different group members to compete against each other. It’s just as inclusive as board games and you never know, maybe there is a board game you can play virtually in the game room as well!


Billiards and Darts

These two options complete the game room. What game room doesn’t have at least darts or billiards. It’s a fun way to have more than two people participating and depending on the group, you can always make it interesting with a little playful gambling! There’s nothing better than a pool table and some friendly competition.


Food & Drinks

Ah, yes. The best part of the game room! Not only do you have games for fun, food and drinks are available too! Alcoholic beverages along with some bar food makes it feel as if you’re out at the bar with some friends. This factor keeps guests occupied and makes them feel more comfortable with staying in. Getting guests to stay and dine on the property has been a challenge for hotels, especially for lunch and dinner. This option gives people an even bigger incentive to do so along with occupying their time with the available games!

Historic Hotel Renovation: How To Maintain The History

When it comes to renovations, there are many obstacles that come up, especially for a hotel. Now, think about a hotel that is over 100 years old! Yes, a century. Renovating something that aged can be quite a task, not to mention maintaining the history. Making changes throughout a Historic Hotel without ruining the feel and character is not easy by any means, but there are many things that can be done to do so.


Be Customer Driven

First and foremost, the hotel has to be customer driven. Without consideration of how guests will receive the renovations, many things can go wrong. Make sure to do a survey, questionnaire, etc. to get an idea of the things guests truly enjoy about the hotel. This could be certain theme, the vibe, specific rooms in the hotel, or even the elevators. The list goes on. A renovation requires sensitivity to reoccurring and/or sentimental guests or those who worry about how a renovation can change the hotel.


Honor the History

The history is obviously a crucial part to think about and maintain throughout the renovation. Think about it. Imagine going to stay an an old and charming hotel in New Orleans or Paris and enjoying the french style and history all around the hotel. Now imagine coming back to that hotel after it has been renovated and seeing that it has been completely remodeled with a new modern theme. The entire reason you went back is because of the way the history and design of the hotel spoke to you and made you feel. Now it is just like every other new hotel on the market. Honor the history while updating the broken and weathered parts of the hotel.


Do Not Underestimate the Renovations

This is a tip that most architects and others can attest to. Most hotels will set a budget, but as soon as renovations start they realized that much more needs to be done. Increase the budget. If the budget stays the same and you settle on updating or fixing certain things that are necessary, it might corrupt the integrity of the hotel. Plus, you’ll need more regular maintenance all over the hotel to make sure those projects that weren’t started do not disrupt the ones that were. Make sure to account for all things that could possibly go wrong because with older buildings, those things will most likely happen! Better safe than sorry!


Rely on Experts

When museums receive paintings, they rely on experts to restore the paintings carefully and precisely. Understand that it will not be your typical construction company that will know what to do. Find a company that specializes in older artifacts and architecture. This will be crucial when it comes to assuring the character, integrity, and life of the building. One wrong move and many things can go wrong in a Historical Hotel. Find someone or some company that has plenty of experience with historical buildings and stick with them. You’ll need regular monthly maintenance for the hotel once renovations are done. This will help elongated the process of needed new renovations!

The In-Room Kitchen

Hotels are including more and more amenities for guest rooms. Beside the common mini fridge and microwave, some hotels are now building kitchens into their suites. Of course it is not always a full kitchen, but most are big and equipped enough to make a meal for a family. Groups that are traveling might want to throw together some snacks or breakfast, or even make every meal together in the kitchen while hanging out in the room. Whatever the choice, having a kitchen makes dining that much easier for guests.



When going on vacations with family, it is nice to have a room/suite that also includes a cooking place. This is the best because there is also a refrigerator to keep different veggies, proteins, and more. The cottage style is great. Cottage styles are extremely common when for beach areas, lakeside hotels and even places where there is a lot of snow. The kitchen in these hotel rooms are always located right next to the living room, usually open with no dividing walls. This is so much better when trying to cook and spend time with family.




A modern take on a hotel suite with a kitchen seems to be pretty common in the high-end hotels. Keep in mind that not all rooms have a kitchen, so when they do, it is equipped to the nines. High-end hotels charge a good deal more to have access to this amenity, so many families are expecting a fully functional kitchen. If not, then they would have to call for room service from the hotel kitchen and then what’s the point of having a kitchen? Modern kitchens have the sleek and rounded look. From the light covers to the island table, everything is clean and crisp.



Now the simple style in-room kitchen speaks for itself. It’s nothing fancy yet has all of the essentials. This usually means that the layout is convenient and the design is minimal. Without putting too much effort towards making the kitchen aesthetically pleasing, the hotel focuses more on the functionality of the kitchen. Guests that maybe just want the convenience to make their own breakfast and maybe sandwiches for lunch. Most of the time these simplistic kitchens are perfect for a couple or group of friends that aren’t too involved in the cooking, but might want to save some money by cooking “at home”.




A popular design for in-room kitchens seem to be Rustic/Industrial. Mixing wooden palettes with metals like iron, copper, or gold colored furniture. This design and style gives a cool and homey feel for guests. The trend itself is elegant and timeless. It can go with almost any style and makes a guest feel more comfortable in that space opposed to feeling too stuffy and formal.


Fortunately in-room kitchens are not very common. We say fortunately because it is one of the amenities that is a high commodity when searching for a hotel. Hotels that have in-room kitchens in some of their rooms are covering a niche that not all hotels can. Well done.

Trend Alert: Hotel Snackbar

The hotel minibar used to be guests’ main food option for snacks while on-property. Nowadays, hotels are including the units in rooms or near the front desk. Another issue is that guests have become inconvenienced with the high prices hotels often charge for the goodies available. To try and satisfy that snack void, hotels have been supplying a grab-and-go set-up option for guests to choose from. While snacking has always been a necessity when it comes to food and beverage options, what guests are looking for has changed.


A Different Kind of Sweet

Sometimes people get exhausted with the typical candy bars and chip options. Guests aren’t just looking for those items anymore. They also want a wide variety of healthy and local snacks. This could be fruit, protein-focused options and/or nutrition bars. With the wide health fad taking place in America currently, most guests don’t want to have to change their dining habits while traveling. Let’s not forget, while candy and other sweets are tasty, fruit is Nature’s candy!


Keep it Local

Many people are into the organic, locally grown, farmers market labels. It is incredible how many people will buy something else just because it is locally grown. There was a point when people around the United States did not really care about supporting the local companies around them, but as of late, that has changed. More hotels are keeping this aspect in mind when stocking up snack options. Especially organic options as well as gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options.


Grab-and-Go Eats

As travel evolves, guests want more opportunities to eat on the go instead of sitting down for traditional meals. The hotel snack bar is the perfect place for this. Pre-made sandwiches, packaged cheese, different trail mixes, etc. are all perfect options for the professional on the go. More hotel kitchens are starting to implement this into the snack bar area for the convenience alone. Not everyone has time to order room service or call in to-go orders at nearby restaurants. We live in a fast economy where everything needs to happy immediately, so having these types of food option available will not only please guests, but have them appreciative as well.


Coffee, please!

As we mentioned above, travel continues to evolve, and so does the world of coffee. Many hotels are now doing more to appease guests when it comes to variations of available coffee. This means anything from putting in a Starbucks to just having a little stations beside the snack bar in order to help guests with their coffee needs. Because everyone is on the go, having customized coffee inside the hotel creates yet another sense of convenience for the guest.


Ultimately, sales are reflective of the occupancy in the hotel. However, this amenity is truly appreciated and will continue to be a factor when it comes to producing returning guests. Get creative with the organic and locally grown options, even for the coffee, and guests will love it!

Summer Wedding Essentials for Every Hotel

Every hotel needs to know the Summer wedding essentials. Besides all of the typical essentials for any season such as linens, tables and chairs, Summer requires a few more items and must-haves to make the wedding go smoothly.


Fun in the Shade

Yes, we want everyone to enjoy the sunshine, but once the weather gets a bit too warm, people will be hunting for shade. Make sure that guests are hovering under a tree because there is nowhere else to get out of the sun. The solution here can be many things. Gives the bride and groom a couple of options. Set up tall umbrellas around the ceremony, set up a large tent with all of the dining tables inside/beneath, or simply provide an awning if the wedding is on a patio or balcony. There are many ways to provide more comfort for the guests, so think about ways to get shady!


Hydration Stations

With the sun beating down on the guests, everyone needs to be on their best hydration behavior. In places such as Arizona or intensely dry desert heated areas of the country, dehydration is a huge issue. Provide an array of fun, infused waters. This will encourage guests to drink them opposed to just plain water. Have these stations near the ceremony, the cocktail area and the dining area. You can never have too much water when it comes to drinking and celebrating out in the sun!


Lawn Games

I think everyone can appreciate a good lawn game. When the weather is beautiful and the wedding is outside, people want to have fun! What’s more inviting than a good lawn game such as corn-hole, croquet, lawn bowling or bocce ball? The comradery alone with bring guests together and will lighten the mood in case there is any tension or awkwardness. Having this option for the bride and groom to choose will make them even more excited to have the wedding at your hotel. Most hotels only provide indoor amenities, but outside there are so many more options. Also, the convenience of having lawn games will entice the couple to simply use yours instead of finding an outside source.


Fresh Fruit

Yes, there should definitely be snacks, but offer the wedding planner the option to put out fresh fruit before the ceremony and/or during cocktail hour. The happy couple will appreciate the treats because you know how weddings always run late. Guests will most likely be getting antsy, so having a little something extra can’t hurt. This will help get guests in a friendly and happy mood, if they weren’t already. After all, fruit is Nature’s candy.


Those are only a few Summer wedding essentials for every hotel to offer. Not only will the guests love them, but the couple will be pleased to utilize everything that is offered. The more hotels can offer, the less work the couples have to do! Offer as much as possible to keep the love birds comfortable and trusting in your hotel.

TREND ALERT! Hotel Waterparks

Now that more and more adults are traveling with children, waterparks are the perfect addition to keep kids occupied. Of course parents can’t just leave their kids at the waterpark all day, but with some supervision, this is the perfect place to have the kids let off some steam. There are even parts of some of these parks that are great for just floating and relaxing, so parents, you get to enjoy the park as well. There are a few places around the world that are already in the waterpark game, so here is what they are doing!

  Great Wolf Lodge - Kansas City, KS

Great Wolf Lodge - Kansas City, KS

Indoor Waterpark?

Thank goodness for indoor waterparks. These hotel waterparks are truly a blessing in disguise. Most people wouldn’t dare head to a waterpark in the middle of the Winter. Low and behold, it is now possible. With more hotels creating this indoor style waterpark, the fun in the water can go year round. Not only does it make these hotels unique, it creates a source of income that they would most likely not achieve in the winter months. People will travel from all over to get to these parks just so that they and/or their children can get to experience a little piece of Summer time. How amazing is that?

  Club Mac - Illes Balears, Spain

Club Mac - Illes Balears, Spain

Toddler Time

When kids are younger, they seem to tire out faster. This is why you see families with younger children getting multiple day tickets to Disneyland. Kids get tired halfway through the day and just want to go eat and sleep. It would be impossible to do it all in one day with a toddler. The toddler parks are becoming more popular every year. It is mesmerizing for the children and lets the adults have a bit of fun too.  The water is incredibly shallow, allowing even the youngsters to roam around without the high risk of drowning. Of course adult supervision is still required, but now people can just hang with the baby all day while getting that sun-kissed glow they’re aching for.

  Grand Marquis Hotel Wisconsin Dells, WI

Grand Marquis Hotel Wisconsin Dells, WI

Multiple Amenities

Not only do some of these hotels have a water park, they are now including many more water park options. Amongst these option are heated pools, indoor pools, kiddie parks, water slides,

indoor water parks, jacuzzis and more! It is absolutely incredible the amount of slides and parks that are on some of these properties, especially with hotel rooms and restaurants as well. Many of these hotels are basing all of their marketing off of the water park. Yes, this may only attract a specific demographic (families), but that just means more money. The bigger the family means more people buying tickets, which means more people staying the night, which means for people eating at the restaurants. All in all, it’s a win to have a water park at your hotel.


Hotel waterparks are exploding all over the world and until they become more popular, the current existing ones will continue to hold the monopoly power. Which is perfectly fine because even Wisconsin and Kansas need a little love in the Winter time.

The Guest Room Design Process

When designing a guest room, there are many features to keep in mind. From the size of the room to the theme, it is a task that is much easier said than done. Here are a few steps that go into the guest room design process.


Mind the Size

A huge issue facing hotels today is the decision of how big to make the guest room. With so many sizes of furniture and televisions, not to mention the bathroom space, hotels are having a tough time deciding how to exactly design the guest room. Depending on the shape of the ceiling or the layout of the walls throughout the room, some boutique hotels have been able to come up with some unique ways of designing a room while maintaining the character of the space. Keep out oversized furniture such as couches and unnecessarily large bed frames. Doing this will help keep the scale of the room proportionate.



A beautiful guest room should have consistency from room to room. You wouldn't wear a yellow shirt with purple pants and green shoes, so why would you decorate each room in the hotel with a completely different color palette or style? When decorating a room, think about the branding. Some items can be different, but the style and color palette must remain consistent. Stay with the whole scheme of the hotel or else guest will get an overwhelming sense of confusion. It is amazing how the layout and colors of a room can affect a person, so why take the chance. Unless the hotel’s theme is “Leftover furniture”, continuity from lobby to guest room to conference room must be implemented.


Signature Piece

Most hotels rooms will always have the essentials. Television, bed, dresser, desk, etc. Putting a signature piece of furniture or decor can help guests tie your brand and hotel to that item forever. Imagine placing a fireplace, real or not, in every high-end room of the hotel. Guests will always remember and associate fireplaces with “that hotel” they stayed in. It’s that specific association that gives guests the urge to come back and even spread the word to their friends! Word of mouth marketing is priceless, so why not take a chance and throw in a signature item into the guest room design.


Let there be light

Lighting is some of the most essential decorating that can be done. Be sure to have a plethera of lighting in every room. No one likes an under lit room, so the more the brighter! When installing lights, think about the task that the lighting will be focused on. This could be reading, working from a computer, or other tasks. Of course we shouldn’t forget the ambient lighting to set the appropriate mood. A guest room can never have too many lamps!


Make it Personal

The guest room should be a reflection of the branded style. By original artwork, mix up the photos placed in each room to create that uniqueness. Boutique hotels can even place books and bookshelves throughout the rooms to make guests feel like they are at home. People want to feel the homey, comfortable vibe when they are heading to bed, so why not put in those personal touches. Blow up a photo of the sketches of the original hotel. A little bit of hotel history is perfect when you want guests to know that the hotel has come a long way and values everyone who stays there.

Spa Essentials for Every Hotel

Nowadays, the spa world is in constant competition with each other. From hotel spas to independently owned spas, every spa is unique in its own way. Hotels have begun to prioritize their spa areas simply because it can be a massive source of revenue. Destination hotels are especially utilizing this amenity. Let’s be honest, what’s better than having a spa day and walking around a beautiful beach right afterwards!? Nothing, that’s what. Here are a few essentials for every hotel spa to incorporate.


Impressive Waterworks

Yes, we said waterworks and no, we are not talking about crying! The best hotels and spas master the art of waterworks to help guests and clients feel calm, soothed, and ready for some relaxation. The sound of water alone can quite possibly put one in a trance. Some people will listen the sound of rain or a waterfall at night to attempt falling asleep quicker. This sense of calm helps guest feel ready for whatever awaits them in the spa.



Ambience is huge when it comes to Spa essentials. Imagine walking into a place with beautiful plant decor all throughout the hallway and when you get to the massage room, they’re playing the hard core metal music of Metallica. Not the best ambience for relaxation and comfort. Music is a huge part of the vibe people wish to achieve, which is why most of the time classical or even just sounds of nature are playing throughout the entire spa. Now we can’t control if someone’s child is running around screaming, but one way to handle that is putting an age restriction on the spa. These two things are great ways to complete a well rounded ambience.


Quality Massage Room

We know how uncomfortable it can get when trying to get a massage and the table is too short or too hard or another person’s massage table is too close to your table. These are just a few issues that massage rooms can have. Creating the quality massage room experience is crucial for guests. Make sure that the room is towards the back of the spa, away from any obscure noises and outside elements. Location is key. Also, have multiple rooms for different type of massages. By this we mean, single, couples, or groups. This allows for guests to choose whatever privacy they wish.


Aroma & Chroma

When thinking about the aroma of a soothing and relaxing place, odors such as lavender, jasmine, rosemary, etc. These scents are calming and encourage a sense of peace in the body. Now chroma therapy simply means the lighting has to match the vibe and feel of the spa. No one wants to walk into an extremely dim lobby area or a painfully bright massage room. Find the medium that brings out the happiness and helps the guest feel comfortable and welcome.


The spa is and always will be a place to go and “unwind” from reality, so having features such as these are essential. Remember, as long as guests feel relaxed and rejuvenated from the features included in the spa, your hotel spa will be 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Creating A Unique Hotel Bathroom

Creating a unique hotel bathroom can be tough. Guests are accustomed to functionality and attractive bathrooms. The combo can be hard to find and hard to build, so hotels have turned to offering more unique designs in order to impress more people and get their bathrooms posted on social media. You know you have made it in the hotel world if guests are posting photos of your guestroom restrooms!



Windows are extremely important in creating a unique restroom. Natural light is a natural happy drug that gives guests a sense of warmth and welcome. When windows are floor to ceiling, it makes the entire bathroom feel bigger and the guest feel like a VIP. People seem to absolutely love the tall windows. The brighter a space, the better the atmosphere of the room. This type of not only creates awesome visual effects, but at the same time creates a sense of freedom for guests by making the room appear bigger. Be careful though, these floor to ceiling windows should only be used on the higher floors, no one wants pedestrians peeking in!


View from the Tub

More and more high-end hotels are beginning to place the bathtub next to the window. Of course, the window has to be low enough to meet the edge of the tub in order for guests to get a great view from the bathtub itself. When guests have the option to check out the view and scenery while relaxing in a beautifully built bathtub, they appreciate the layout and uniqueness even more. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a nice hot bath while watching the waves crash outside their hotel room window? It’s like being in a hot tub, but better! Bath bombs, bubbles and a view. Yes, please.


The Claw

The claw foot bathtubs have been back in style now for a few years. The really high end, luxury hotels are placing them in guest rooms in order to make the guest feel like a VIP. It gives the room an old fashioned vibe. From Old Western to Victorian, clawfoot tubs bring in character, class, and history all in one! Most people do not take baths, but when they see a clawfoot, gorgeous, porcelain bathtub, how can one resist?



Think about an organic, upclycled, reclaimed wood design. The look alone creates a friendly and comforting vibe. On top of that, using reclaimed wood throughout a bathrooms design is extremely environmentally friendly. With this kind of wood, throw in all types of green plants and white tile to give the guests a refreshing and clean feel. Using reclaimed wood is more cost efficient and will absolutely come across as unique in guests eyes!


The most unique hotel bathrooms, if you have not noticed have one thing in common. The shower and the bathtub are separated. By doing this, hotels are creating two completely different hygienic experiences and providing guests with more options for their bathroom ventures. Keeping up with all of the ways to be unique is definitely a challenge, but pretty soon having a consistent layout in the bathroom will be unique in itself!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Guest Room Mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, hotels are stepping up their game. No one likes being in front of a cheap mirror that is warped, slanted, broken, etc. In the past few years, mirrors have become essential to finishing a room. It is an extremely noticeable design error if a guestroom has a bad mirror not to mention no mirror whatsoever! Check out a few trends that are happening in the hotel mirror scene.



Closet Doors

How many times have we been in front of a mirror and it is too short, not low enough, etc. The most uncomfortable thing is to have to stand on one's tippy toes or hunch over for thirty minutes just to do makeup or hair. Hotels have been making it a point to put in mirrors that are ceiling to floor. The easiest way to do this is to make the closet doors into mirrors. Hooray! Now we can sit on the floor or stand while getting ready. More options is always better, for everything.


Lean on Me

Leaning mirrors are a huge trend right now. The frames can be any material to match the room decor or hotel brand and they can be as tall, short, wide or skinny as the designer wants them to be! Because they are portable, finding space is a little easier than finding a place on the wall for built in mirrors. Most of the time, these leaning wall mirrors are extremely large and sturdy meaning knocking them over would be an extreme challenge. Choosing this type of mirror makes the room and decor appear extremely trendy and unique. Not many hotels are doing this quite yet, so when you find one in your room, appreciate it!


Full Width

Many hotel room restrooms have more than just a small mirror to look into. Because most often than not, people share a room, this means they also share a bathroom. Two or more people trying to get ready in a restroom with only one sink and small mirror is a disaster. Having a full width mirror, wall to wall, gives guests more options to get ready on their own time instead of having to wait for their turn once other people to finished using the mirror! It is more common than not and hotels have begun noticing the reviews. Full width mirrors is the way to go, especially in the restroom.


Decor Only

Design and functionality do not always run hand in hand. Although people love mirrors to get ready in, look at themselves, etc., sometimes mirrors simply make great decor. A fun and quirky collage of mirrors creates a sense of diverse uniqueness. These mirrors are not typically used in a functional way like getting ready for the night or for work in the morning, but can open up a space or give the place a little character.


Mirrors are crucial in the hotel guestroom. Without mirrors, people would lose their minds not knowing how they look. Also, society would have to rely on each other to say “You have something in your teeth”, which unfortunately happens way less often than we would like.

How To Create A Hotel Bar That Even The Locals Will Love


For years, hotels have not only struggled with getting locals and outside customers, but even convincing hotel guests to come to the bar. Anywhere outside of Los Angeles, New York and Miami continue to have trouble with this issue. Fortunately, there are many ways now to create a hotel bar that even the locals will love! The best part is, most solutions do not have to do with reconstruction or renovations.


Happy Hour

Happy hour to most people might mean drinks only, but place have now started implementing appetizers in happy hour as well. Tapas and cocktails at a discount is something everybody can get behind. The best way to get locals to the bar area is to have happy hour prices at the bar only! Watch and see how crowded the bar will get, people will be standing and waiting just to get a seat in the bar area.


On Draught

Keep the beer local. Sure, having some of the recognizable beers such as Bug Light or Coors Light is good for the older generation, but not for the younger generation. More people are becoming beer connoisseurs, so having tap handles that pour locally brewed beer is the key to the heart of a Millennial. As a bar, if there is not a craft beer option, many beer drinkers will instantly be disappointed with the selection. Take a chance and get that local IPA on tap if you want locals to be attracted to the hotel bar.


Separate Entrance

Walking through the hotel to get to the bar is not very “cool”. Creating a separate entrance to get to the bar is key if outside business  is desired. The community needs to know that it isn’t a requirement to be a guest at the hotel in order to have dinner and drinks. The best thing you can do is to ensure that people do not have to step foot in the hotel. This will help make a hotel bar feel less like a hotel attachment.



A trend that has come back into light over the past decade or so is Speakeasies. Many restaurants and bars are committing to transforming their space into a more exclusive environment by making it harder to find! Who would have thought? A secret entryway like a phone booth, beneath a bed that leads to a staircase or even walking through a refrigerator, could become high demand faster than you think. Most people love feeling like they are a part of a secret or something important, so implementing these fun designs could create a pretty large following.


Get a Niche

Nowadays, getting ahead of the crowd requires finding a unique niche and exploding all the way to the top of that market. For example, there is a bar in Los Angeles that focuses mostly all of the cocktails to be tea-infused. Now that is something you do not find everyday. Hotels have to find a theme or product that they incorporate into the menu whether it is with food or drinks. This can potentially make locals come to the bar just because it’s the only place to find a specific dish or cocktail! How neat is that?

The Importance of The Hotel Lobby


The hotel lobby has been underrated and under-utilized for so many years. In a society where everything is social media focused and technology driven, sometimes we forget how powerful real products can be. Many guests are noticeably either impressed or not impressed as soon as they walk into a hotel, depending on the lobby appearance. If hotels are spending a ton of money on marketing to get more guests, but the lobby and rooms are subpar, there is a huge chance that those new guests will only be one timers.


First Impression

This one should be obvious. It’s the first thing people see when they walk into the building! The lobby should have people saying, “Wow!” or at least saying “Nice!”. There are many sayings about first impressions, but the one that comes to mind is, “You never get another chance to make a first impression.” That is so apparent, but so many hotels overlook this area to make sure everything else is great. Feeling welcomed and a sense of excitement should be the impression guests get, not turning around and getting out of there!


The Ambiance

The lobby should reflect the mood that the entire hotel wants to emmit. If the lobby is average, dimly lit, or has no furniture to sit in, most people will want to get out of there as soon as possible. Hotels do not want guests to feel that way, so they are putting in more lounging areas, making the hotel bar easily accessible and visual from the lobby, and more!


Getting Settled

When you think about walking into the lobby with all of the luggage bags and members of the group, sometimes people want to just take a beat and gather themselves a bit. From organizing their belongings, to checking in, to just sitting down for a minute, the lobby is the best place to get one’s “life together” as some would say. Making the front desk and the concierge area easily locatable and accessible is important for guests. No one wants a bad review because the desk was too high or no one was there to greet the guest!


Meeting Place

“Okay, meet you in the lobby in 10 minutes”, says everyone ever. When the group is planning on heading out together, the lobby is the place to meet. The guestrooms are only equipped for so many things, so guest will be out in the lobby searching around for vending machines, food options, drinks, the pool, etc.


Waiting Place

Lastly, this is quite possibly the most important part. Between activities, guests will be in the lobby either waiting on other people, waiting to check in or waiting to check out. Although waiting is not something guests look forward to, if the lobby is welcoming and comfortable, waiting will become more tolerable than in a dull and boring environment.


Hotels are always looking for great reviews, and the higher reviews of a hotel greatly depends on the state and ambiance of the hotel’s lobby. Ensure the lobby is as best as it can be, and the reviews and revenue will reflect the investment tenfold.

How Top Hotels Prioritize Luxurious Comfort

The question here is what defines a great mattress, bedding and view for today’s standard? When it comes to luxurious comfort, top hotels have decided to make this a priority in room design. From the mattress to the bedding to the view from the room, making the guest experience top notch is one of the most important things for high end hotels.


The Mattress

The first priority is the mattress. How do we determine what qualifies a mattress to be “good” enough. There are a couple of ways to decide on the perfect mattress. First thing is the lifespan of the mattress. How long will it last? Hotels want to make a good investment in quality, long lasting mattresses, so they will spend the extra dollar to avoid replacing a mattress every few years. Secondly is the support it provides. Of course each person has their own preference, but I think we can all agree that we would much rather have a bed in the middle of firm and soft opposed to too soft or too firm. Support is a big factor to guests because if they can’t sleep comfortably, then why did they even get the hotel room?


The Bedding

Next in line is the bedding. We have all been in that guestroom bed that had the hard comforter and the sheets with an almost paper-like thinness to them. Thread Count is extremely important when picking out bedding that needs to provide luxurious comfort. The lower the thread count, the more hard and stiff the bedding. A higher thread count typically means stronger durability and a longer life for the product. Guests want to feel that softness of the sheets when they enter the bed. When it comes to the comforter, you have to make sure that the best material is chosen. Since most hotels use duvets and duvet covers, pure down is the way to go. Although this is more expensive, it is warmer and keep the guest comfortable!



The View

Third on the priority list is the view from the room. How do we label a view as being “high quality”? Some people think that it is determined by the distance from the ground. The view from the top as some might reference. This can indeed be a quality of a great view, but what about those places that are very flat? Not all luxury hotels are towers, reaching heights that could rank them in the top views. In our experience the best views are the ones that provide the sense of space that comes from seeing a long distance. This space allows for the imagination to run wild and for a deeper appreciation of what the hotel is surrounded by.


Top hotels are prioritizing these things because without them, the guest experience suffers. Luxurious comfort is what guests pay for at these top hotels and the lack of these items can bring a top hotel down to an average hotel. Quality is better than quantity and hotels are becoming more and more aware of this every year.

Desk Appeal - Guestroom Desk Trends for 2018

Guestrooms are becoming utilized for than the regular sleeping aspect of traveling. Business travelers seem to want a more “work friendly” space without having to bother themselves with going to the business center. There is WiFi for a reason, so working from their room should at least be comfortable. Hotels are making it a point to create this environment without having to take up too much space within the room itself. We can say for sure that these desks can be made out of all types of materials, but their functionality is what people truly care about. Here are a few desk trends popping up in hotels around the world.



Sometimes having a desk in the guestroom takes up a significant amount of space. With this in mind, hotels are having to make desk more functional in many ways. A television is sometimes placed over the desk if there is no other place on the wall to place it. Glass cups, coffee mugs and a coffee machine can also be placed on top, yet another functionality of a desk. If there is space, maybe a mini refrigerator could be tucked underneath or next to the desk as well. There is nothing wrong with making the desk more functional!


Vanity + Business

When there does happen to be space for the television on the wall, a desk will be strategically placed next to it. Luckily many hotels are placing mirrors over top of the desk. This is not only great for working from a laptop, but if that is not on the agenda, it becomes a place where you can sit and get ready. When we say get ready, we mean personal things like hair, makeup, getting dressed, etc. Everyone, at least women, like to have a seat when they are doing their hair and makeup. Why? Because it takes and long time and standing the entire time is exhausting. This vanity feature comes in handy when it comes to getting ready to go somewhere.


Business with a View

At the luxury hotels, you might find that the guestrooms have a little more, well...room! This means that desks can be placed in a more trendy way. More upscale hotels are starting to give desks a place in front of a window in the room. Who doesn’t like a beautiful view when working? Because they are placed in front of a window, this leaves room for there to be a separate place for the television and vanity. The location of the desk also opens up doors for business travelers to be more comfortable in their rooms and not feel as if they need to walk down to the business center to get work done!


There are many guestroom desk trends from simple to intricate. They are all unique, but uniform to each hotel they are a part of. Learn to embrace the desk design because you would notice if they were gone!