Trending Hotel Guestroom Headboards

When it comes to hotel guestrooms, above all else, the bed must be the one thing that guests love. Whether it is soft, firm, spacious or stylish enough, it is the focal point of the room. This is because, no matter what, the guests will always use the bed and it will leave an impression on them be it fantastic or not so fantastic. Guests may not always use the shower or the TV or the desk and closet, but they will always use the bed! It is not just about the mattress and pillows though. The headboard plays many roles as well with not only its functionality, but its appearance too! Here are a couple of features that hotels are prioritizing when it comes to the headboard in a guestroom.



We all know how difficult is it to find an outlet next to the bed in the hotel room. Sometimes it even calls for the night stand to be moved and the alarm clock to be unplugged in order to find something close enough to arms length from the bed. Fortunately, hotels are waking up and including extra outlets that are actually built into the headboard. What a brilliant idea! Not only does this outlet include a three pronged plug, but it also contains USB plugs for items that do not necessarily need a wall charger plug. Now that is keeping it trendy and useful.



Built-in lamps are all the rage now. It looks cleaner due to the fact that there are no cords lying around and it leaves plenty of counter space for the guest to place items on the night stand. Without a portable lamp on the night stand, the freedom to place a book, laptop, phone and whatever else is endless. Let us not forget that it is impossible to knock the lamp over once it is built into the headboard, unlike the portable lamps we all know of today. It makes going to sleep or reading a book that much easier and honestly, people pay for convenience!



Another incredible trend is built in nightstands. This is just plain smart. It is one less piece of furniture to have to tend to, it is completely out of the way for the guest and it looks pretty stylish, modern and trendy! A win-win if you ask us. Customizing something as simple as a nightstand will not go unnoticed and most of the time guests will inquire about the piece of furniture. Make sure to match the night stand to the material that the bed frame and/or headboard is made from, otherwise it could start to look over crowded with different types of materials used!



It is obvious that trends and styles are always changing, but built-in features give the space a more customized look and makes the guest feel as if he/she is appreciated! Once guests begin asking about where the furniture was made or who thought of the idea to build in a nightstand, you know you have made it!

Top 5 Essentials for a A Showstopping Guestroom Design

There are many many essentials that can make a guest room entrancing, but there are only a few that truly absolute necessities! These elements not only create a great vibe, they complete the space and give it a personality.


The Chair

Adding a comfortable, yet visually appealing chair to the room will have guests wanting to try it out more than the bed! Make sure that it is not only trendy and “hip”, but comfortable. Both of these characteristics combined will have guests pleasantly dumbfounded, curious AND jealous.

The Lighting

Every guest wants to have enough lighting to feel at home. A lot of times, hotel room lighting is not up to par. Try to avoid that category and get bedside table lamps along with a couple of standing lamps and a desk lamp. If that is not enough, install some overhead lights and some reading lights next to the bed, preferably wired into the head board. Lighting can either make of break a room, so play it safe and make it bright!


The Bed

One of the absolute most important things to have for guests is an aesthetically pleasing as well as a beyond comfortable bed. There are plenty of beds that might look great and stylish with the a cute comforter and some throw pillows, however they all do not turn out comfortable to sleep on! Do a great job picking out the right bed for guests as well as matching your sheets, pillows and covers to the theme in the bedroom. With all of these factors laid into place, the guest will feel immediately pleased and the compliments will start rolling!


The Entertainment

Stay up to date with a television that is at most 3 years old. Nowadays the smart TV is the best TV to have. Guests are able to connect to the internet, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, etc. giving the guests more options than just another rerun of Law and Order. Another option for entertainment is a speaker with a phone auxiliary cord (both iPhone and Android). Having these two items will leave your guests wanting to stay in all night! Can you say, Room Service?



The Bathroom

Having a stylish and welcoming bathroom is the last essential guest room item to incorporate. The functionality of the bathroom must be on point as well. No one wants to walk into the bathroom and have the door close to hitting the toilet. Put in the effort to match the theme of the bedroom to the bathroom and make sure there is counter space on or near the sink. There is nothing worse than not having room around the sink to put the toiletries and other bathroom necessities. Trust us, your guests will be more than appreciative.



Now that you have the information and some ideas about how to get a guest room together, do not be afraid of adding pops of color or some accent pieces throughout the room to bring everything together. These items should be consistent with the branding theme and style that is in place. Oh, and have fun!

Wallcovering Trends for Stylish Hotel Guestrooms

Creating a stylish guestroom is not as easy as it looks. It is tempting to get caught up in the detail and decor within the space, but before these things can be decided upon, the large surfaces and concept need to be established. To create an all-around trendy guestroom, one must have the perfect foundation, which includes wallcovering. Here are some trends that are taking the hotel industry by force!


Accent Walls

For this look, a very contrasting wall covering has to be present. By this, we mean one wall in the room needs to stand out in a big way. For example, having white walls and one wall, the wall behind the bed, is cerulean blue. Now that is going to capture the attention of the guests whether they want to admit it or not. The majority color walls do not always have to be white or cream, they can be a light grey or slate and the contrasting wall can be a warm color such as red or orange! Mix it up and impress the guests with something as simple as paint!



Another trend is wooden walls. This does not necessarily mean that a wall is made from wood, but simply that wooden pallets or veneers, or wood textures can be placed on a wall. We have all seen the stick-on faux wooden boards and honestly, they are genius! Having wood in a room creates a sense of comfort and helps improve the overall mood of the guest. Not only does it look incredible, it turns out to be therapeutic!



When we say wall coverings, that does not necessarily mean the entire wall has to be covered. Go out on a limb and take a chance with some abstract geometric paintings and/or accent pieces to place on the walls. There are however both subtle and bold graphic murals and wallcovering patterns that are perfect for luxe hospitality settings that want to make a statement in their guest rooms! The wall behind the bed or the television will be the easiest and most common wall that is noticed, so add a few patterns to those walls and make it unique to the hotel and its brand! 


It is a well known fact that properly adding mirrors to a room will create the illusion that the room and the space itself is big, when in actuality the room might be a bit small (in some cases). Mirrors are crucial when opening up a room and adding some to a wall or even having a mirror cover an entire wall would be more than impressive. Guests will have plenty of space to check themselves out, do their make-up, hair and get dressed with ease. This trend turns out to be extremely effective for visually widening a room AND is also useful for the guests!

There you have it. Four different wallcovering trends that are taking over 2018. Make sure to take note of these whenever you see them! Most hotels will stay complacent, but if they truly care about their image and brand awareness, they will be doing these things for guests not only to impress them, but to keep them coming back year after year. 

3D Wall Design

There will always be something timeless about a 2D wall painted with a beautiful color, but let us change the way we look at things for a minute. What about having walls that are three dimensional? Introducing 3D walls to a room is like having sculptures on the wall!


Sense of Elegance

Unlike a two-dimensional wall, a 3D wall creates a sense of modern elegance and exuberance. The many categories of three-dimensional walls consist of ceramic wall tiles, stone, wood inspired creations, limestone and more. All of these fantastic materials can be used to decorate a residential or commercial environment adding more style and vitality throughout every room!


Play of Light and Shadows

The reliefs on the walls create an enticing play of light and shadows. This creates the look of a three-dimensional object. Depending on the category of the material shape, the light and shadowing may differ. For example, a triangle geometric relief from a ceramic tile can create a “sundial” effect depending on how the light may hit the tiles throughout the day. If a home or business is well lit by sunlight, then you just might have an abundance of mini sundials for your own amusement. 


Design Patterns

Reliefs on the walls can be formed into many sizes and shapes, creating a unique face lift for every wall. There are a plethora of exceptional geometric shapes to integrate into a home or business. Adding texture to a wall makes a huge difference and can liven up a room instantly. Try incorporating some waves or triangles to give the place a little zest. To get really intricate, creating a wall design such as a flower or a tree can bring the room to life for others to see. 


Why 3D?

Most people do not realize that adding faux brick to a room is in fact creating a three-dimensional wall. Just by doing something as simple as this, the space has not only come together, it also gives the space that much more character! Three dimensional walls have the potential to make rooms more exciting or more calming. The can potentially even create a cozy feeling or increase the appearance of how big the room actually is. Depending on what the agenda is for the home or business, three dimensional walls add a sense of personal style and design, not to mention they will absolutely make all of your friends jealous!


Our suggestion is to get creative. Go out, be bold and take a chance because as long as it is done correctly and with care, you will be pleasantly surprised! Also, be on the lookout for new places adding in this new wall feature and do not forget to appreciate exactly how much it helps the space come together. The era of two-dimensional wall design will never end, but the era of three dimensional walls is just getting started. 

Pantone Color Projections for 2018

It is that time of year again when we get a sneak peek from Pantone regarding the new and upcoming color palettes for 2018. This is an exciting time right before we find out the new Pantone Color of the Year for next year as well. We like to make it a game and try to guess the color of the year based on the color palettes said to be erupting in the new year! What is your guess?


According to the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, the new predicted trends for 2018 will be a complete change from 2017’s Color of the Year, Greenery. However, metallics will still be around but “have really moved over into neutrals," Eiseman said. She also expects to see people continuing to be obsessed with pearlized and iridescent colors, you know, since anything translucent immediately makes people reach out and grab!


The biggest and more expectedly different trend for 2018 is the incorporation of bright colors! Pastels will still be around, most likely for the Spring months, but the time for vibrance is back. Eiseman said that these new bright and intense palettes give a good representation “of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days". This is great news for those who love to use intense colors when decorating. Now you can liven up the place with tones and hues of some of the new palettes that Pantone predicts to emerge in the upcoming months.


Below are some of the palettes Eiseman mentioned. The good thing about these palettes is that no matter what walk of life you come from or what your personal style might be, there will be one that appeals to the look you are striving to create! 


Start Prepping!

If you are ready to start color scheming, get things going with these five predicted palettes:


Far-fetched: Looking for warm and earthy hues? Then this is the palette for you. Think an abundance of dusty rose tones combined with Cornsilk Yellow. As Eiseman says, this palette "reaches out and embraces many different cultures."

Intensity: When you think of the word intensity, we can tell you now that you are guaranteed to agree that the name is fitting for this palette. The darker, winter-esk colors with blue-green and shades of purple hues give off a sophisticated, forest-like vibe, completely balanced with black and gold.

Intricacy: Imagine a classy AND rustic, but bright farmhouse. Infusing those neutral metallics Eiseman spoke about with accents of dramatic yellow, off-whites and touches of light grays that resemble a cloudy sky. We cannot forget the drastic black that brings the room together through light fixtures, table legs, etc. This palette is best for an upscale, rustic and well-lit vibe.

Playful: Three words to describe this palette: bright, young and fun! This one consists of bright yellow, lime and all other colors that make you think of fun! This color scheme gives of a youthful vibe and creates the "need to stop and smile," said Eiseman. 

Discretion: Some might call this Playful's alter ego because of its subtle hues. Colors such as Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose show another side of confidence and maturity. "Pink has developed more power than ever before," said Eiseman, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Suede and Velvet Upholstery Fabrics

Now here is a material we should all get on board with! Not only are these fabrics the BEST because of the way they feel when you touch and even wear them, they’re even better when you can enjoy the design when sitting in a beautifully upholstered chair, couch or stool!



We define suede as leather with a velvety napped finish. In short, it’s the soft and “fuzzy” part on the bottom of the leather. Suede can be made by either turning the upside down, revealing the suede portion OR splitting the leather, taking away the top grain showing only the underside. When using the first method for creating suede, expect to have a leather that is just as strong as full grain leather but with a different texture and feel. The second method creates the more common and desired suede that is used for some shoes, hats and interior decor.


One thing you want to remember about suede is that it has it’s purposes and you should only use it for those purposes. For example, introduce suede on a chair back. Because the backside of a chair, while visible, do not get too much use, so the suede will last longer. Not only does suede add an awesome texture and look in the space, it adds a sense of culture in the room!


There are multiple types of suede nowadays such as ultra-suede, sueded silk and microfiber suede that cater to the Vegan lifestyle. Just remember, the more wear and tear that suede is exposed to, the faster the “soft” and “fuzzy” parts disappear!



According to the dictionary, velvet is a closely woven fabric originally made from silk, but now can also be made with cotton or nylon, that has a thick short pile on one side. Velvet has been used in history for over a millenia. Originally it was all made by hand and buying velvet was expensive. This was to attract only the Royal and wealthiest of customers. Nowadays we use velvet for more than just clothing! Everything from sofas, chairs, bedding, and throw pillows are being used to class up hotel lobbies all over the world. Although it is a very sensitive material, velvet takes stylish and sophisticated to a different level!


Velvet can be made from silk, cotton, wool, linen, mohair, etc. and taking care of it can be pretty tricky! Due to the fact that velvet is so porous, exposing it to too much water can damage and even reduce the velvet taking away the soft feeling. 


These two materials obviously have a lot in common, but there is one main difference. Suede consists of leather and velvet does not! Suede has an advantage when it comes to objects such as shoes. Come on, Elvis Presley sang about blue suede shoes! Suede shoes are very common because, be honest, who doesn’t want soft-to-the-touch footwear? Velvet is used more for furniture and clothing. Velvet furniture, as we mentioned before, is used to create a more classy and stylish ambience.



Upholstering pieces of furniture with velvet or suede will make a place appear more upscale without giving off the vibe of being overpriced. Not to mention how soft and comfortable the material is. Bring this look into your space and you will lose track of the compliments within days!