Project Type: Historical Renovation

Services Provided: Interior Design, Artwork and Accessory Selections and Project Styling

2014 – Best Hotel in New Orleans, Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards
2014 – Connie Award, Hilton’s Most Prestigious Award Hotel of the Year, Hilton Worldwide Corporation
2013 – Top Rated US Hotels of 2013 by
2010 – Gold Award, Historic Preservation – ASID

Client: Dimension Development Company

This iconic property was closed in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina hit the Louisiana coast and devastated New Orleans. When it finally reopened in 2009. the next Era of Grandeur began as this property not only represented its historic past. but is also symbolized growth and empowerment as the city was rebuilding to be better than it was before.
In restoring the property. the goal was to celebrate the past by showcasing it’s history and uncovering the beauty and details that had been hidden over the years as well as bring back some of its grandeur. Original light fixtures were meticulosity restored, intricate mosaic tile details from 1893 was re-exposed and re-created throughout the lobby space and the famous Sazerac Bar was fully restored right down to the original artwork murals that were painted by artist Paul Ninas.
The hotel today is among one of the favorites in the city and represents a new beginning for the people of New Orleans.