As with any good story, you must start at the beginning. In this initial stage we get to know both you and the project. What are the regional influences, who is the target guest, when is the project scheduled to be completed? These and other basic building blocks give us the background to begin to develop your unique story.



All creative talents should be guided by practicality and during this phase we use the nuts and bolts of what you shared in the initial consultation to marry with the research gathered on your particular property to develop a sneak peak of the excitement to come.



With your feedback from the initial concept, the schematic process further delves into the design and offers a broader look at the design intent. From this presentation you will gain a clear understanding of the design inspirations and how those concepts will be realized in your property. Color samplings, informal renderings, space layouts, and focal area concepts are examples of the deliverables shared during this key phase.



The pinnacle of the design process is the final development presentation which is a true reflection of the final selections including furnishings, fabrics and finishes. This phase also marks a more pronounced collaboration with the other project teams such as architecture, lighting, and food and beverage specialists. At the conclusion of this process, the story is written and you will know what happens where and what that ending looks like.



If the development of the design is the formulation of the story, the documentation process is getting the story down on paper. This is the phase where our firm’s attention to detail and understanding of the multiple and simultaneous processes is crucial. At the close of this phase, the project will have full interior design documentation including floor plans, finish plans, elevations, specifications, millwork plans, and any other details required for your project’s special needs.


To ensure your project is on budget, we will work with your procurement team to provide counts and preliminary budgets on FF&E items, as needed. We enjoy relationships with a wide array of vendors and can assist with selecting the best choice for your project. If procurement services are desired, PDG Purchasing can step in to work hand in hand with the design staff for a seamless project conclusion.


Though the formulation of the design is complete, our work is not. Paradigm will continue to stay focused on your project all the way through construction to ensure the work in the field reflects the design intent. During this phase our knowledgeable team will review shop drawings, construction submittals, brand directives, project changes, and anything else needed to keep the project moving smoothly and in a timely manner.